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Dorm Room

Nichole, OK, USA
April 2018

My freshman year of college I moved into a house with a group of three other girls. It was a kind of like a Christian sorority, without really being a sorority. The house used to be a two bedroom 1 bath house. The meeting house was across the street so when it went up for sale, the owner of the group bought the house to rent out to college kids like us. He added four bedrooms, a living area, and two bathrooms to the house. All four of us lived in the new area of the house because the old side was not as nice. The old rooms sat empty. Across the street next to the meeting house was another old house that he rented out to the boys.

So the first thing that happened was we were all watching a movie in the new living area when we heard a loud crash from the one of our bedrooms. We checked it out and a large picture had fallen off the wall. We didn't think too much of it. A few days later we heard another crash. We checked all the pictures but nothing had fallen.

A few nights later, we were all asleep when we heard a ton of crashes from the laundry room in the old side of the house. Instead of coming out, we called the boys across the street and they came over to check the house. They found nothing. An hour later we woke up to the same crashing noises. We called the boys again. This time, the laundry room was all torn up. Items were thrown all over the room and a cupboard door was hanging off the hinges.

Later we were watching a movie in the new living room and heard someone walking in the hallway. We paused the movie to listen. Suddenly, it sounded like someone running down the hallway right at us. The footsteps stopped right beside us but there was no one there.

At this point we were all creeped out so we started all sleeping in my room together because I had a very large bed. One night we were all in there. We had been making a point to lock the doors since we thought maybe a real person had torn up the laundry room. Well we were all laying there about to fall asleep when we heard the front door slowly creak open. We in a group went to check it out but there was no one there and the door was hanging wide open.

Another night, I had one girl sleeping in my room with me. Another girl was in her own room across the hall. She called us and woke us up. She said she was scared to death and was leaving the house. I thought she was being dramatic and went back to sleep. I woke up because I heard the loudest heart beat I had ever heard. It was like someone banging the whole house like a heart beat. The girl next to me started to scream, I started screaming and we both jumped up out of bed. The noise stopped. I grabbed my phone and called the girl from across the hall. When she answered I said "you better not be messing with us." She said no she wasn't in the house. I started to tell her what happened and my friend next to me stopped me. She said that's not what happened to her at all. She said she was laying there awake and saw the bed move like something had gotten onto it. It slid up the bed from my feet up to my head. She said the whole bed dipped by my head like something was there. She screamed because she thought something was killing me. We both ran out of the house and stayed somewhere else that night.

Another night we were again all sleeping in the same room. I had beads hanging on the outside of my bedroom door. I don't remember what woke us but we were sitting in the bed awake and heard what sounded like someone lifting the beads over and over again and letting go so they swung back and hit the door. We went over to the door, partly to listen and partly to keep our hand on the door to make sure it wasn't going to open. We heard what sounded like someone pacing up and down the hall. Eventually we got brave enough to run out of the room and out of the house.

Several other things happened at the beginning and we always thought someone was in the house. We called the boys across the street to come check it out and they never found anything except the laundry room that time. So they thought we were playing jokes on them and didn't believe us. The next year there were more boys than girls so they had us switch houses. They said one night there was a ton of banging in the old part of the house. When they checked, the door knob had been ripped out of the bathroom door. They believe us now.

Nichole, OK, USA
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