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Double Vision

Tammy Garrett, Texas, USA
March 1998

My husband got the opportunity to go to Canada for business and I was invited. On the drive home, we stopped in Indiana to find a motel. I saw Motel Super 8 and commented that it may be reasonably priced, so we decided to stay there.Once we went inside, we realize that this was quite a motel as far as "Fancy" was concerned. We decided to stay anyway. We paid for our room and headed up the stairs. Once we were inside, we decided to lay down and watch television. After all we had been driving for about 10 hours that day and I was tired. It was probably about 8:30pm at this time and it didn't take me long to fall asleep. Troy was watching a movie when I dozed off. I have no idea how long it was before I was awakened, but I woke to someone standing right beside the bed on my side. I thought it was Troy since he was wearing only white briefs. I just closed my eyes and went back to sleep without saying anything to him. A while later, I was awakened again, with Troy sitting up in bed saying (in the opposite direction) "what are you doing down there?" Of course, I wasn't down there, on the floor. I was still in bed. I asked him what he was doing, and when I spoke, he just about jumped out of his skin. He said he saw someone, he believed to be a woman fall to the floor and roll behind the chair. Someone woke him up by touching his arm. After explaining all this to me, he got out of bed and looked behind the chair, and saw....nothing! He then checked the bathroom. There was nothing in there either. He then checked the window and the door to our room. They were all locked. I asked him why he was standing beside the bed earlier, looking at me and he said he never got out of bed, he just turned the television off and went to sleep! We truly believe that we both saw ghosts that night. But isn't it strange, that what we saw, seem to resemble each other?

Tammy Garrett, Texas, USA
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