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Dream Dog

Caryn, Alabama, USA
January 2003

I was 15 years old at the time, I'm over thirty now. My mother was taking me to school and seemed preoccupied when I asked what was wrong she told me of a dream she had experienced the night before.

The Dream

In my mothers dream I was very young, and we were preparing breakfast together. It was a beautiful morning and the kitchen door was open letting the sunshine come into the house. Suddenly the dream turned dark. At the screened door stood a large Rottweiler dog. At first she thought the dog was just looking for a hand out so she went to the door to toss a piece of bacon to him. As she cracked the screened door the dog rushed into the house. It ran into the living room and would let no one near him. As she approached the dog she realized that it was only the head of a dog. It's body seemed to be long and cylindrical. She said it reminded her of children's novelty pencils with a grinning head attached. The dog head was barking ferociously. She finally got a baseball bat and was beating the "thing" as it crawled back outside. She woke up.

The Dog

A couple of weeks later my father had to have minor surgery and mom and I were returning from the hospital around 9:00pm. When we pulled up into the garage there stood (and I kid you not) a large black and beige Rottweiler. The dog had never been seen in our neighborhood before. This was before the time of cell phones so we had little choice but to go into the house. We exited the car and the dog seemed friendly enough not growling. I was talking to the dog as mom opened the door to the house. As soon as the door was opened the dog rushed forcefully past us and into the back of the house. This terrified me, I thought that someone was in the house and the dog was protecting them. So mom and I went across the street to the neighbors and called the police.

After a short while the police came and went into the house. Mom and I stood out on the front lawn. Shortly after the office came back out and confirmed that the dog was in the house but he found no evidence of a person being in there. That was at around 10:00pm.

At 1:30am there was three more officers and the humane society trying to get this massive dog out of our house without shooting it. At one point the officers lured the dog with a piece of steak to the outside, but before the humane society could lasso him, the dog had circled the house and pushed door which had been left slightly open in case the officer needed to retreat quickly, open and resumed his spot on the couch.

Finally around 2:00am the officers and the humane society cornered the Rottweiler and injected a tranquilizer. It took four grown men to carry the dog to the van. Our house was in shambles, there was a broken lamp and the coffee table was destroyed and the couch was overturned. But finally the dog was gone.

The next morning my mom called the humane society to find out what she could about the dog, and discovered the dog had died somewhere between the time it left our house at around 2:00am and 8:00am. They didn't know what caused the death.

Mom and I still do not discuss her dream or the night the dog came to visit.

Caryn, Alabama, USA
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