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Dream Ghost

Jason, BC, Canada
December 2002

I will break this story necessarily into to parts, with a bit of intro.

I believe it was early new-years morning 1997 when I had this dream. It was the first night that I slept (alone) in the new house I was moving into. A good lady friend of mine, named Margo, lived four houses up the street from me. The night before the dream I had attended a party at Margo's place and some of our friends, who were in from Vancouver, were also there; namely Anna, a fine and vivacious woman, and a descendent of gypsies.

The Dream

It started out with me and Margo in a white room. It was completely plain and white, no doorways, no windows, and lit by a soft white light. At once things seemed both insubstantial but solid. The only thing in the room was a plain white bed, on which Margo lay, and as the dream started I laid down beside her. It was comfortable and everything was non-sexual, which was strange considering my relations with Margo. As I lay there beside her I was aware of a presence, or man, in the ceiling - and he was playing a guitar. My waking mind finds that really weird, but in the dream it seemed natural - even relaxing. So I am laying there in bed, totally off-guard, listening to this presence play guitar in the ceiling above me and watching him when BANG - suddenly its like this thing travels directly down out of the ceiling, on my line of sight, right through my eyes and into my head and mind. Instantly I curled up into a fetal position in the dream and pressed the balls of my hands, which were curled into fists, against my eye sockets. Its like it was in my head, and Margo knew something was wrong. She was in distress beside me asking, "What's wrong?" and telling me,"open your eyes," and even though my eyelids were closed, I knew that my eyes were completely black. At this point I think I was aware that I was dreaming, and desperately wanted to wake up. And that's what I did, so forcefully that I literally sat up out of the dream. It took me quite a while to get back to sleep after that.

The Morning After

In the morning I phoned Margo and started telling her that I had this dream about something in the ceiling - she got kinda weird and told me I should come over to talk; and here's the kicker. Margo and Anna were formerly room-mates and had lived in an old house downtown. During the morning that I had the dream they had been discussing the house in which they had lived, and that they had both thought there was a spirit there in the ceiling! Coincidence? The morning I had the dream was the first time they had ever talked about it between themselves. And yes I still get shivers from the memory.

Ever since then I have thought about spirits and such a bit differently, but I would appreciate it if they stay out of my head. Sometimes it seems like I can still feel a presence lurking in my dreams, or hovering on the edge of my consciousness. Has anyone here ever heard of a spirit following people around? Not that I mind particularly, as long as there's nothing sinister going on.

Peace all

Jason, BC, Canada
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