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Dream Gone Real

Anonymous, IL, USA
October 2011

This may sound fake to everyone, but what happened in this story is true. I was honestly possessed and this is not a case of sleep paralysis.

April 2009. The exact date I am not sure, but I know it is the end of the month. May day, fast approaching. I lie in bed attempting to sleep, but some other force is forcing me to stay awake. I know this because I was passing out on the couch downstairs, hardly able to drag my feet two flights of stairs to my bed. After what seemed like hours of tossing and turning in my sleep I heard a frantic voice somewhere in my room and man whisper harshly close to my ear. Wanting to hide under my covers, I was unable to and shot up like something, or someone else was possessing my body.

"Steven...dont!" That wasn't me, I was sure it's not, but it was my mouth that opened and was forced shut by a hand.

"Shut your f***ing mouth, Elizabeth, or I'll shut it for you."

Glowing red eyes and a shadow with a deviant grin stared me in the eyes. I'm not Elizabeth and who the heck is Steven? I asked myself. Not wanting this to happen to me I forced myself to talk to both Steven and Elizabeth, in the process expelling Elizabeth's spirit from my physical body. In doing so, Steven lashed out at Elizabeth throwing her body into a corner. Steven went over to the corner where she was, looming over her examining the damage he had done. Pleased with himself, he leaned against the wall.

Myself more ready to confront these spirits, managed to ask who he was and why he was here. Not able to elicit a response, it took all my willpower to ask him, no, command him to leave as Elizabeth's spirit had already departed.

With one last grin and a slight nod, Steven left as well as though he was testing me to see if I was strong enough to confront him. However, the year after on the same day, or close to it, seeing I don't know the exact date, I feel the presence of Elizabeth and Steven and dreamt the same dream or violence that caused me to toss and turn in my sleep. Though they are not as prominent, they are still with me.

Believe or not, I am looking forward to their next visit as well as the other spirits that have visited me previously.

Anonymous, IL, USA
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