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Dream Haunter

Kassie Barker, Missouri, USA
May 2009

Have you ever felt like someone was trying to tell you something? I have; this feeling left me sleepless many nights. Shortly after my great grandmother died I kept have recurring dreams that had a big impact on me. I hardly knew my great grandmother and had only been to her house on a few occasions when I was younger. But every night it was the same thing.

In my dream I would find myself walking through her empty house being drawn to one particular room. In this room light pours through the windows and makes me feel really comfortable. The room is empty just as the rest of the house until I turn and behind me is my great grandma. She points to the closet so I go open it. In it on the top shelf is a hat and a purse. I turn back to my grandma and she is now wearing the hat and the purse is on her arm. She smiles and walks to the window where she disappears into the blinding light.

Then I wake feeling like I have to do something. But I have no idea what to do and I cannot get back to sleep and if I do it is the same dream like a movie playing itself over and over each time I close my eyes. It kept happening till the point to where I thought I was going crazy. My logical side got deprived of sleep so I decided I had to go to that house.

I finally told my grandma Betty about my dreams. My grandma Betty is the most open minded person in the world so if anyone was going to understand it was going to be her. To my great shock I found out that she was having the exact same dream accompanied by the same nagging feeling of having to do something about it. After that we went over to my great grandma's house that had been cleared out to be sold. It was just like stepping into my dream. It was a sunny day and the light was bouncing off the empty walls and eliminating each room. The room drew me in and gave me the same feelings as in my dreams. I was expecting to see my great grandma behind me but instead of her my grandma Betty was there smiling. It scared me in a way so I hurriedly opened the closet door and my heart dropped to my toes. The hat and purse were there.

"Those were supposed to be taken out of here." said my grandma Betty. We took the hat and purse out of the closet and as we headed for the door I felt a warm breeze on the back of my neck and heard what sounded to be a sigh. I whipped my head around to find nothing but the empty house that now felt lighter. "Now you can go." I said in a whisper and thought to myself, I think I will sleep good tonight.

Kassie Barker, Missouri, USA
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