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Dream or Reality?

Tomoko Nguyen, CA, USA
August 2004

Hey I’m now living in America but my origin came from Vietnam, what I encountered was a few years ago but I can never forget it. Even now if I think about it I can still get chills?

I was only 10 years old and still living in Vietnam, my parents had sold our house because there was only a few days left before we move to America. During those few days they found a house for rent, the house fits their interests and all, along with a surprisingly low renting prize. I was wondering why and how could a house like that get such a renting prize, really if you had seen it you would wonder the same thing, the house had 3 floors, 2 rooms on each floor. It was well decorated and the neighborhood was fine. The first day we moved in there wasn’t any problem, and my question wasn’t left unanswered for long?.

One night my parents invited guests over and they decided that they’ll sleep over. So to have enough places, they took the normal rooms, and I had to sleep in the top room on the 3rd floor alone. It was summer time and Vietnam usually is very hot during that time, but at that night, when I stepped into the room I felt a weird sense? I felt as if I wasn’t the only one there, it was hard to explain but inside of me a feeling of nervousness and fear were taking their place. My parents made me go to sleep when they saw that the lights in the room were still on, but I didn’t leave it on for no purpose. I decided there couldn’t be anything else more that I can do so I listened and got ready for bed, now I just left the dim lights on, I could see the whole room but the hallway was pitch black.

I laid down and stared at the ceiling for quite some time, I just can’t close my eyes because the feeling couldn’t be shaken off. When I did close my eyes I always ended up opening them again, due to the thought that I heard footsteps or hearing an extremely faint voice. I woke up times after times during the night, it was so weird like someone trying to disturb my sleep on purpose. At 3:13am I finally was able to drift into my dream, or should I say, nightmare?

In that dream I found myself walking around outside of the house, practically not knowing the reason at all, just walking?.till I stopped when I saw a tall dark tree, but I could have sworn that in reality, the neighborhood didn’t have the tree there. I stared at for about 3 minutes till I felt someone tapped my shoulder. I was startled and turned back to face the person, before my eyes was a woman?she looked normal and she was smiling at me for some odd reason, she started mumbling something I can’t make out, the only last thing she said that I could remember was "Look at that tree?", so I did (yes, insane or stupid to have done that?) I didn’t see any difference of the tree to be noticed. I turned back to look at her but the person I found after that was no longer an ordinary woman?

Her eyes glowed in a bright red color, her hair had grown longer that it almost covered her face, even though it was dark I could see the wicked smile. Her clothes have changed as well, to a white dress, torn and blood stained, her nails have grown into long sharp claws... For that instant she looked as if one of the scariest things on the world. I was speechless out of fear and shock, I took a step back nervously not sure what to do. She let out a cruel laugh and was about to attack me, her claws ready to slit any part of my skin. That exact moment I screamed like I never have before, the fear couldn’t block out the scream either. The next thing I know I woke up, with cold sweat and my body was still shaking, my parents were next to me, looking with worried on their faces. I told them it wasn’t anything much because who knows what they will do?

The next morning I told some of the neighbors that had lived there for a long time about that dream and the feeling when I stepped into that room, they all said that I should move if I want my safety. I came once again to curiosity and asked for the reason, they told me everything that a woman used to live there, and a tall tree was in that neighborhood was there as well before it got cut down and completely destroyed. They showed me picture of the woman who lived there and had died, that woman matched the same woman that I saw in my dream. After that my family moved out of the house in less than a week, on the last night when I stepped into that room again I saw a white shadow creeping on the wall, the instant I saw it, the shadow disappeared.

Now I still wonder if I didn’t scream and wake up that night, would she really kill me??

Tomoko Nguyen, CA, USA
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