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Dreams & Warnings

July 2002

These incidents are recent [June 20th - July 13th] and it still scares me... I couldn't help but try and talk about it.

Just to start off, I'm 14, and I live in a townhouse [this is relevant] which is supposedly NEW, and was built on land that was not inhabited for the past 100 years. It was made just about 12 years ago. What I would like to query on is - if the land is new, why are there spirits roaming around the area?

About a month ago, it was pretty warm in Canada, and the heat-wave really rushed to my head. I was boiling so I decided to chill out in my room where the AC is. Instead of just sitting and reading one of my books/mags I fell asleep like a child. During my dream, everything was quite vivid, and I still remember the details as if I was really there. Walking into my best friends house [Sara], I felt bad, terrible, lost. As I walked into the hall with her - we headed into her parents room to find a few things she needed before we left for the day, and I basically freaked. In the room was a doll with glassy-blue eyes, yet a ring of amber surrounded its pupil. I jumped back, fell on Sara, apologized then screamed as I looked up. A jester in the colours of black and red stared hastily from place to place then gazed upon me with crooked teeth and bloodshot eyes, and sallow skin... I ran as Sara was murdered by the monster.

Running out of the house, I stepped outside, into a maze! Trying to find my way through, I stumbled upon a girl with black hair and a familiar face... She was hanging from a room from the maze's wall! Then I realized - thats my friend - Isk! She opened her eyes smiling at me as I ran towards the exit, towards my home...

As soon as I got home, there was a big sign on the wall - SETH IS HERE. As soon as I blinked, a blurry black vision stood before me - and within a crack of a whip a familiar face stared at me, choking the black blob at the same time telling me: "If you think I'm saving you, think again." And I screamed, waking up to that horrid dream.

Then I heard it, footsteps, then the sound of my door being pried into, then sandpaper on the walls... then there was the finale - Beethoven's Ode to Joy playing in the middle of my room, increasing every minute, for about five minutes. The next day, I went over to Sarah's house, examining the doll while she and another friend were attempting Ouija [they do it once a month] and asking me to ask questions. So I asked the obvious: "Who was trying to open my door... who rattled the bells?" I had also heard bells when the door-prying started. To no surprise, the word-piece moved and spoke: Seth.

Till this day, Seth has disappeared, probably because I asked to leave me alone...

A month after, just on July 13th, I had finally gotten a stereo-system hooked into room - with a remote! I was overjoyed and decided to turn on the stereo and play a cd so I could sleep - I'm a bit of an insomniac. I did so, but regretted it... sort of.

That night, I had started playing Oceanic by Bond - sort of classical violin music - and I had began to drift off, before I noticed my curtains were blowing/rippling even though my windows were closed and they were far from my AC. Staring avidly, the curtains lifted enough for me to see a silver blob ripple across the window. Talking to myself childishly I told myself, "There's something there... I know it. I'm not blind." Whispering of course. Shoving my remote for the stereo under my blanket, I placed my hand firmly over it, over the blanket, keeping the music playing as I drifted to sleep, forgetting to turn off the music. So I dreamed away... another realistic dream just to tell you. This time it didn't scare me, but sort of comforted me... or kept me alert.

I was in a different neighbourhood, but all my friends and the people who went to my school were there. Everyone lived in a house, no buildings, just a park, plaza, mall, school, and terra-cotta brown homes (eck!). It was a pretty average first day of the year... Woke up early with butterflies in my stomach, smelt burnt toast, etc., Then I got to school. Everyone was pretty normal, except for their actions. The preps became goths, and the goths became preps! I was pretty amused. Walking up and down the halls, I met a teacher who looked devastatingly like my 6th grade teacher mixed with my 7th grade teacher... She gazed into my eyes and asked me, "Would you read this at the final assembly this afternoon." I nodded my head, staring at the sheet of paper, old handwriting with torn spots stained in blood. My first question was: "Is there no other copy?" Shaking her head, I noticed that time had flown by - it was now 3:05, almost time to leave. So I got out of school, and went home (my home wasn't far in that neighbourhood) to retype it. As soon as I got home, my mother was in the backyard reading a feng shui book on the patio... As I looked at the spot where grass should've grown, it was covered with asphalt, and the cracks showed grass that tried to sprout. In less than a minute, I heard people scream with joy and the crowded around my house. My school was there. My friends were. And they were laughing saying that school was finally over - but it had just started!

I rushed inside, and invited one friend over - Daniel. We were to go to the park with Isk and Sara, but Isk was supposedly NOT HOME, and Sara was no where to be found.... So I checked all of my address books to get Sara's number and call, but there were no numbers in the books at all! I was frustrated,.. but just then rain began to pour. Everyone left, except for what appeared to be Sara and a friend Michelle. They looked very sick, almost blue. Daniel, who was playing with my pet on the couch, didn't notice, but as I returned to look at them, the two were up close to my window. For the first time I noticed this - they had stitches lined all about their neck. Daniel gasped, so I turned around, then turned back to see that they had entered the house, and they were frowning. They told me before I woke up in the morning, "Do not be afraid." Somewhat around 3am, I felt something tug at my shirt and pull the remote from beneath the covers, and playfully throw it at my arm.. like it wanted to play a game of ball. I woke immediately feeling a shock in my right arm. I woke to see my remote on my arm. Instinctively, I panted - being a bit shocked from that, and turned off the stereo. Then went back to sleep.

Around noon, I had called my friend Isk, and told her of my dream - telling her it was remotely scary, but somewhat comforting. Alerting. When my story had ended, we both exclaimed, "A warning! Gotta tell Sarah, Daniel and Michelle so they can be aware!" And so I shall. I'm sure it wasn't to hurt me or scare me, but to tell me to inform my friends that something will happen to them, and to be aware to avoid it...

And I trust that dream for it comforted me in an odd, scary way. I can't explain why, but it does. It doesn't scare me like it would others...

I know this probably sounds very FAKE, but its not. I tried to tell my mother, but she doesn't believe me, the only witness is my 8 year old brother who dares not repeat anything he thinks is scary. But believe me, its not fake. I dont really think the ghost/spirit/whatever it may be, was trying to harm me, but tried to play, perhaps a game of hide and seek or catch. But whatever it is is probably gone by now...

And to all those who haven't experienced anything yet, you might not want to.

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