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Dreams 2

Maverik, Pennsylvania, USA
January 1998

This isn't really all that paranormal since this probably happens to everyone, but dreams do come true. Especially my mom's. She sometimes can dream about what will happen the next day, and some people I know have had that happen once or twice too. The most freaky one was at my lunch table when some friends and I were having a small "party". Everyone brought in some stuff, and we ate that instead of our usual lunch. Anyway, I brought in Pixie Stix, you know, the colored powdered candy? Some people were putting that in their Sprite because it made it change color and fizz more, and I put some blue in mine and was showing it to Sam, when she suddenly went, "Oh my god!" Everyone was, like, "what's wrong?" and she said that she had dreamt of a bunch of people surrounding her the night before, with me showing her something blue in a cup. It's happened to me too, so I guess it happens to everyone.

Maverik, Pennsylvania, USA
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