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Dreams Do Come True

October 2001

There were many times during my childhood that I would see "things". But none ever came close to the one I am about to tell you about.

My mom died in April of '95. New Year's Eve 1994, I was reading my mom's palm. I had several palm reading books and was testing them out on my mom to see how true it was. When I looked at the life line, it was very short. I looked at her but I didn't say anything. I just did not want to think about how short a time on earth she had. My mom has always been sick so I was very worried.

A few months after that in early '95, I had a weird dream. I dreamt that I was walking into our bedroom (we only had one) and right in front of me on the opposite side of the room, was a coffin. A brown one. The lid was open. My mother was lying in it wearing a wedding dress with a veil. I started to scream at her and I asked her what she was doing in a coffin. She jumped up and started to laugh like she played the funniest trick on me. I told her not to do that because I really cherished my mom. She was my world.

A few months after that she had a seizure and was in the hospital for a week before they decided to "pull the plug". The very next week she was going to be buried. My sister, my stepfather and I were in the funeral home in the basement getting ready to put her burial clothes on, when my aunt came in with a wedding dress for my mom. Shocked as I was, I helped to put it on. Then when we were finished, we went upstairs with the rest of the people gathering in the funeral home. I guess I was in a trance because I was sitting there not noticing anyone. I was just hoping that my mom would just sit up and start laughing.

But it never happened. I waited and I waited.

That same night when I went to bed I opened my eyes as if I was awake all the time and I saw my mother standing there at the footside of the bed. She was wearing the wedding dress with a look of dismay on her face. I wasn't scared. I was afraid to blink knowing that she would go away. And blink I did. She disappeared and never showed herself again.

There were many times after that, that I smelled the perfume I sprayed on her.

Well that was my story. Thanks for reading.

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