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Dreams of the Dead

Christina, California, USA
February 1998

This is in response to the story titled, "Loving Spirit." is that strong, and for proof, here's a little tale of true love and deceased relatives from beyond.

My boyfriend and I had met on the Internet...yes it's true (kids, don't try this at home!). Anyway, we had been in contact for a couple of months via email and then phone, but had never physically met. We had finally planned a visit for him to meet me down here, and we were both anxiously awaiting it. Not more than a week before we were to meet, I had a dream. In that dream I went to this house...a house I have never been to before. I walked in and went directly to the left. I looked around for someone but found myself alone in a room. In the room I saw an antique dresser and few misc. antique items. I realized I was in what was supposed to be my boyfriends grandmothers house (for the record, both his grandmother and mother are dead).

My boyfriend is into antiques, so I remember looking around this room for some "nice" antiques, but really only saw a lot of junk.:)
Then an elderly woman walked up to me and just kind of stared at me. I knew immediately that it was his grandmother. She didn't say a word to me, but I could tell that she was "checking me out." Then I saw a younger woman, in her mid 50's approx. and this I assumed was his mother. Then they disappeared into the "kitchen" and left me alone again. Not shortly after that, I found myself in a hallway. My boyfriend appeared in front of me, and behind him I could see a couple of doorways. He reached down and gave me a very "soulful" kiss.

The next morning when I woke up, I called him. I told him I had a dream that was very mysterious to me. He said..."I know, I was there." I became silent and said "you were what?" He said you met my mother and my grandmother last night... After I picked myself up off of the floor, I had him tell me in detail what I did and as you can guess, It was verbatim with what I just told you. I asked him all the what's, why, where...and he just said that his family has always been very psychic..(as I can be at times,) and since his grandmother and mother were dead, how else were they supposed to check me out!! :-) The short of it is, I got the thumbs up, and we are now happily engaged. I honestly mean this when I say I have met my kindred spirit..or soul mate.

We have had multiple experiences since then of this nature, and I can only chalk it up to our love being so strong that we can travel with each other to "other worlds" if necessary to communicate. Another side note to this story boyfriend had a premonition, before he met me, that he was going to die young. Shortly before we met, he had a very profound dream about me, and was told that his life would be spared because we were meant to be together. We met shortly after this and that's when "our" dream occurred. I found out about this when I asked him...where were you the whole time in my dream while I was waiting in that room filled with antique junk? He said he was in the kitchen telling his mother and grandmother why he wasn't coming to be with them. They understood, and only wanted clarification and to meet me!

I'm so glad that I was able to meet them, even under the strange circumstances.

Christina, California, USA
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