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Dreams or Reality?

Kebra Engel, OR, USA
April 2005

I have two experiences that I want to share. I had filed them both under the 'strange dreams' section of my memory, but after reading some similar stories, I'm beginning to think that they were paranormal experiences.

The first one was when I was in junior high school.

My older sister and I shared a room. We both woke up in the middle of the night because our bedroom door was shaking in its frame. It wasn't like the doorknob was rattling, but more like the door was too small for the frame and not attached to the hinges. There was also bright light coming in from the bottom of the door. The light was not so unusual because that was the usual brightness caused when the hall light was on and our door was closed. Maybe it seemed brighter because of the violent shaking of the door. I don't remember hearing anything at all, except my sister telling me to check it out. Here's what makes me think it was a dream.

I am a big wimp, but yet I got right out of bed and opened the door. Sure enough, there was nothing there but the hall light was on and the door was attached to the hinges like it should have been. I told my sister it was nothing and we both went back to bed. The weird thing is that the next morning she asked me about it. She asked if it really happened and I said that it did. We recounted to each other the same exact story. So, maybe we had the same dream?

The second experience happened when I was about 18. I was house-sitting for my mom's friend. My friend was staying with me, because I am a big wimp and there was a pool. We were sleeping in the same room at first. She was using the bed and I was in a sleeping bag on the floor. I couldn't get to sleep though because she was snoring so loud. I don't recall if this was the first night we were staying there or not.

Anyway, I don't know what time it was when I changed rooms but I found my way to a smaller bedroom with nothing but a futon and a couple of posters on the wall. I think it may have been early morning when I moved rooms because I think it was starting to get light outside when I finally went to sleep. The next thing that I remember was that I couldn't move. It didn't feel like I woke up, but I opened my eyes in a panic when I realized that I couldn't get up. I didn't feel any direct contact with anything that could have been holding me down, but it felt like someone was blowing on my face. It felt very cold and seemed to move continually from my forehead to my chin, cheeks, and nose. I scanned the room but did not see anything. I think that I just closed my eyes and it stopped. I don't recall if I fell back asleep or not.

I don't know of any other strange occurrences in either of these locations and I'm not haunted everywhere I go, so I don't really know what to think.

Kebra Engel, OR, USA
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