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Dying To Be Heard

July 2007

Everything in this account is true. I have changed my friends names for safety reasons, but the events really happened.

I used to fool around a lot with the paranormal, and I no longer do because of this experience.

I was hosting a sleep over. Not for any particular reason, but because my sleep over's had become famous (or infamous) for the use of my Ouija board. The girls I invited were Diana, Lisa, and Kimberly, who had all played with my board.

That night's session began like any other. We read through the rules I had printed from the Internet and placed an antique nickel from my coin collection on the board to prevent the spirits from getting out. This time, we put Diana's earrings on as well, for extra protection. We contacted several spirits. They were all friendly, willing to talk and to answer all our questions. Then, out of the blue, I threw down the planchette and swiped the coin and the earrings off the board, then I started yelling that the board was useless and if we really wanted results we should just let the spirits talk through me. By the time Kimberly and Lisa calmed me down and Diana closed the board, we all noticed a chill in the room, but thought nothing of it. I apologized for yelling and the party continued.

In the weeks after the party, benign yet inexplicable things began happening around the house. Doors opened and shut by themselves. The TV would turn off without anyone touching the power button. My Mom's vase fell without reason but didn't break, as if it had been tossed and then caught by an invisible hand. One afternoon, I was reading in my room when I heard a strange noise. It sounded like an old record of a woman laughing. As soon as it stopped, I asked my parents and my sister If they had heard it, but they said they hadn't heard anything. That night, I was staring at my doll collection (which I had since I was little and still can't bear to party with, even after what happened) and trying to get to sleep. Then, one of the dolls, a Japanese girl, started to move it's mouth. At least, that's what it looked like in the dark. Most of the movements were blurred, but I did see the mouth shape the words: "Should you be afraid of me?" I flipped on the lights, and the movement stopped. Then I turned them off and went to sleep. I woke up again around midnight, and saw a white shape darting around my room. As my eyes adjusted, I saw that the apparition was a girl about my age, who's clothes suggested the turn of the century. She looked frantic. She stopped in front of my bed and tried to move towards me, but something stopped her. Her movements became staggered, like in an old movie. I turned on the lights once again and stayed awake until dawn. This girl visited me many more times. I learned not to fear her, but she made me wonder: Who was she? How did she die? Why couldn't she rest in peace? I only made the connection after my family moved, and it was too late. she was the one who put the urge in me to let myself be possessed. She had something she wanted to say that could only be said through me.

However, it looks like her story will never be told. At least, not through me.

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