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Early A.M.

Texas, USA
August 1999

Personally, I was never one to believe in ghosts or hauntings. When I heard stories about such as this I would Normally reply "Oh yeah, Sure" or "You don't really expect me to believe that, Do you?" This changed in October 1983.

My wife and I along with our three children had recently moved in a Methodist parsonage in a small town in Texas. (Near the Louisiana border) My wife was pregnant with our forth child and had considerably problems with health and had just spent a week in the local hospital.

Our lives were in a flux, what with farming the children out to relatives, sitting at the hospital and working as a state police officer, I was glad to be once again at home and seeing our lives return to the normal routine.

Like I said earlier I was able to explain (Most) happenings in a rational manner and could look to a logical explanation to all things (NOT) I have always been a light sleeper. For example I can hear one of our children cough or sneeze in the room and it will awaken me.

This night I was asleep and for some reason woke up. It was 3:10AM and as I lay in the semi-darkness I listened for something that may have caused me to wake up but heard no sound other than the drone of the blower on the central heating unit in the attic. As my eyes adjusted to the darkness I saw someone standing at the foot of our four poster bed. The person had his left hand resting on one of the posts at the bottom of our bed looking (apparently) in my direction. I blinked my eyes and sat up. The only thing I could think was someone was in our house. I couldn't think rationally and asked "What do you want?" As I spoke these words the apparition looked toward my wife and turned to walk into the hallway.

I stood up beside our bed and told my wife that "Someone is in the house, stay in the room, don't follow me!" at this I walked into the hall and directly checked the children's room. There was nothing out of the ordinary that I could find. My wife was calling out to me and I again told her to stay in our room.

I checked both the front and back exits of our home and found the dead bolts locked from the inside. I then turned on all the lights and made a thorough search of the house and found nothing.

I now strongly believe even more than I did before that there are things which we can't explain. I know what I saw, I was fully conscious and am certain that something was in my bedroom. Whatever it was it was not human. I still believe most things can be logically explained, but not ALL THINGS.

Texas, USA
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