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Early Morning Ghost

Tennessee, USA
September 2000

I promise that the story I'm about to tell is very true. It may sound a bit like other stories on this site, but in no way did I copy anything. With that said, here's what happened to me.

I was climbing into bed during the very early hours of the morning. I decided to take my shorts off so I would be more comfortable. As I rolled over onto my back in order to remove them, I saw a figure move across my room. It was black all over, and it seemed to be wearing a monk's robe with the hood pulled up over its head. I didn't move as if it was walking, but more as if it was floating an inch or two above the floor. It move in front of my bed and paid no attention whatsoever to me. It acted as if I wasn't even in the room with it. And, to be completely honest with you, I was very glad it did. One of the doors leading into the attic is in my room on the right side of my bed in between my two bookshelves. It went in that direction. It didn't linger or anything, simply moved across my room, but scared me out of my wits all the same. I put the covers over my eyes [a lot of good THAT would have done me!] and prayed. It hasn't returned since. There were no guests in my house, I have no siblings, both of my parents were in bed, and the figure was too tall to have been one of my dogs. My parents and I have had other experiences in our house, so you may hear from me again. This is the first sighting of the ghost in the monk's robe.

Tennessee, USA
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