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Early Morning Tennis Incident

November 2007

When I was in middle school, I heard stories about the school being haunted by children that had died on campus many years before. I never believed these stories until strange things started happening in my homeroom class.

Every now and then the lights would flicker or just go out all together, we would hear children laughing, and sometimes the room would just get extremely cold all of a sudden, and after a few seconds it would go back to normal.

Well after about half the year we got used to the strange happenings and just shrugged it off when the lights would flicker. By this time our class had formed a tennis team, we would meet early every morning at a park down the street to practice.

One morning my friend, Kristy, and I were the first to show up at practice aside from our teacher, he asked if we would walk to the school to pick up the basket of tennis balls in the classroom and handed us the keys. When Kristy and I got to the classroom we could hear noises inside, as if someone was whispering, and the door seems to be stuck. After a while of playing with the lock we finally got the door to open and the noises stopped. We had gotten so used to these sorts of things happening that we just ignored it and went to get the basket, which our teacher kept behind his desk at the front of the class. We couldn't find the basket anywhere around his desk, but after a few minutes we gave up and started walking towards the door.

When we were about half way to the door the lights went out again and we heard footsteps running around at the opposite end of the room and children laughing. We were so afraid we just grabbed on to each other and didn't move or say anything. After a about 20 seconds of this we heard someone gasp as if they were frightened by something and we heard a ball bouncing as if someone had just dropped it. Then the lights went back on and the tennis ball rolled out from under desk. We thought this was strange because this was nowhere near where we usually kept the tennis equipment.

When we went to the other side of the room from where the tennis ball had come from, sure enough there was the basket of tennis balls just sitting there in the middle of the room.
Needless to say we grabbed the basket and ran out of there as fast as we could.

When we got back to the park we told our teacher what had happened, and he just laughed and said that hadn't happened in a while.

I guess these spirits like to play with our minds sometimes, but I sure wasn't laughing. My teacher later told us that that same room is where most of the paranormal activities have been reported in the entire school.

Ever since then I believed every story everyone told me, I have no doubt in my mind that there is definitely a few spirits lingering around that school.

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