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Eavesdropping Ghost

Terah, Minnesota, USA
October 2000

My mother says from the time I was born I was seeing things. At four I wouldn't sleep with my mother while my dad was away because in her room, which was in the basement, I saw swirling lights. (Chippewa burial grounds are nearby our house on the river).

The one event that stands out the most happened in my teens. I had moved my bedroom downstairs. My room was on one end of the basement and my brothers on the other, with the bathroom in between us. We always slept with the bathroom light on. I was on the phone late one night with a girlfriend. A shadow from the bathroom crossed into my bedroom, stopped at the threshold and leaned into my room. Thinking it was my brother listening to me on the phone, I stopped talking and said" I'm on the phone, stop listening" the shadow raised itself up and backed up into the bathroom again. I immediately got off the phone and went into my brothers room to find him asleep.!!!

Terah, Minnesota, USA
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