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Eddie's Goodbye

Hertfordshire, England
December 2000

My husband and I have never had any 'true' experiences which we could call paranormal, therefore the following event was extremely unusual for us and has remained with us as a positive experience which has helped us to come to terms with the loss of one of our friends who's name was Eddie. He died whilst walking in the Swiss Alps in July 1999. He was only 42!

Our daughter was only 3 months old at the time and for this reason we were unable to travel out for his funeral. This distressed us greatly but the circumstances were beyond our control.

On the night of his funeral at 4am we were woken to the sound of our daughters cot mobile playing. She was still sleeping in our room in the cot next to our bed. My husband and I were half asleep but we looked across thinking our daughter had woken up and kicked her legs up at the mobile, as she frequently did, and spun it round causing it to play the tune. However she was still fast asleep. My husband and I just assumed the mobile had been over wound and had chosen that particular time to un-wind.

We never thought anymore of it, however the next day, feeling the incident was so strange I tried to re-create the event. I spun the mobile around, over wound it, knocked it as if I had accidentally kicked it, jiggled it around and eventually gave up realising that I could not make it play unless it was wound up and allowed to turn normally.

The mobile had never to that date played on its own, and never since that date has it played on its own.

We have surmised that this could only have been Eddie saying his farewell to us all. He will never know our daughter but I hope that he may watch her grow up from wherever he is now.

Hertfordshire, England
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