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Eerie Train

Lorilei Perry, South Carolina, USA
July 2002

I love reading ghost stories from various websites. Often, I can be found perusing the Internet for more sites. I'm not morbid-just intensely curious. That is why about a week ago when sleep alluded me, I was on the computer checking out stories of the paranormal in the late hours of the night.

I came across a site that was dedicated to Summerville, South Carolina (I apologize-I don't remember the name of the site). In particular, a story about a train conductor who was killed by a train while he was checking the tracks and his wife wandering the tracks, lantern in hand, searching for him. It is said that the lantern can still be seen late at night. Those who have claimed to see the light say it is frightening and don't stay long to investigate.

I've heard this story before. I have even heard variations to the story. But that night as I was reading, something really strange happened. You see, I live in Summerville, South Carolina and that night, being a dreadfully hot night (summertime in Summerville can be oppressively hot), I had a window open. And while I read this story, I distinctly heard a train whistle. Well, I know that doesn't seem unusual. Trains go through here all the time. However, when I reached the part of the story when it stated the lantern was often seen at midnight, the whistle stopped very abruptly. It didn't fade away into the distance. A stillness seemed to hang in the air. This was not normal! I looked up at the clock on the wall. It was midnight!

Coincidence? Maybe. Over-active imagination? Might be. Or was there something more to this-perhaps confirmation that what I was reading was true? I don't know. I guess the only way to find out would be for me to go to the tracks one night. Not likely! I'm not that brave!

Oh, my! Look at the time! Midnight is less than an hour away. Time for me to go to bed! heh heh heh Good night, all!

Lorilei Perry, South Carolina, USA
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