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Elbow Road

Belle, Virginia, USA
June 2005

My friends and I always heard stories about this road called Elbow Road, how its a drive through darkness with no street lights and the road is narrow with various sharp turns.

One story we always heard was about a guy in his 20's who had been jogging with his dog alongside the road when he was hit by a truck. His dog had gotten away and survived the accident. They say you could sometimes see him at night jogging around calling for his dog.

So one night my friend and her boyfriend decided to take a little trip to Elbow Road. She asked my boyfriend Brandon and I to come along. So we agreed. We wanted to see it for ourselves.

As we got closer to the road I began to get a bad feeling like something was going to go wrong. I told Brandon and he said not to worry nothing is going to happen.

We finally came to the road. As we were told there were no street lights and the road was narrow. As we came around the corner the tire on the car blew which caused us to have to pull over. We didn't worry about it to much since we all had cell phones. When Kira tired to call someone on her phone she couldn't get any service, same for Jayson, Brandon and I. We were stuck.

We all got out of the car just to watch and make sure nothing would happened to Jayson as he changed the tire. We were surrounded by woods which made it more intense.

Kira who was sitting on the back of the car made a gasping noise and was pointing off into the distance. We all turned to see what see was pointing at. Shocked and scared we saw the man jogging toward us! We couldn't move. Frozen, like our feet were glued to the ground. We all watched him jog by calling for his dog. Jayson then got it together to hurry and finish changing the tire. We all could still see him. Then suddenly he vanished into the night. We all then got into the car and drove away looking to see if we could see him along the road again and no we didn't.

Finally, we reached one our friends house and told them about it. Sure enough they didn't believe us. No one believes us. But we all knew what we saw and heard and no one could ever tell us that we didn't!!!

Belle, Virginia, USA
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