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Elizabeth (1)

Michigan, USA
October 1999

My best friend and his family lived in an old Victorian farmhouse built by one of the leading families who first settled in our county in the mid 1800's. The road itself bears the name of this family.

It was a huge rambling old house, grand and beautiful. It had been lovingly cared for by the original owners, so the house had all it's original woodwork and fixtures. I wondered why the family chose not to live in this beautiful old house, but instead rented it out to perfect strangers?

My friend and his family hadn't lived there long before strange things started to happen. Lights turning on and off, doors opening and closing by themselves, footsteps upstairs when the whole family was in the living room together, your usual poltergeist activity.

I personally believe that my friend was the "spark" that started all the activity. He was psychic even in his teens. And most of the activity centered around him.

The family started to call their ghost "Elizabeth". My friend felt that the entity was a young female. She wasn't threatening or scary in any way, until one afternoon in November.

My friend and his two brothers invited their friends and girlfriends over for Thanksgiving dinner, as his parents had to be out of town that week. So we all made a dish, and congregated at the 8 foot long formal dining table that was original to the house. My friend had invited his girlfriend, the first time she had been to his home. That's when the fun began. As we said Grace, the table started shaking, the doors of built in china cupboard flew open, and all the china came flying out to smash 20 foot away on the opposite wall!!! Thank goodness my friends mother had seen the activity for herself, or we would all be in DEEP trouble!!! The activity became more and more violent, and all centered around my friend. It seemed that "Elizabeth" was jealous. The family finally had to move, my friend was in the wonderful old clawfoot tub, just soaking and relaxing, when suddenly he felt something pulling his feet, pulling so his head was under water! He managed to pull the stopper and let the water out, or I am sure he would be with "Elizabeth" for all eternity.

Michigan, USA
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