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Encounter With White Figure In Forest

Chris, BC, Canada
November 2019

Back in 2010 in Abbotsford British Columbia Canada my friend lived in a part of town that has a lot of forest area and his backyard was a good couple acres of forest with houses surrounded in the distance. Me and him would go and explore the forsest all the time because it was quite mystical and just a cool place to wonder. This one night me and my friend went outside in his backyard couple acre forest at probably close to 1 am to go explore and there's a steep cliff when you first walk in. When we were standing at the cliff before the path way leading down to the rest of the forest I could see a tall white illuminated figure and it was in between two trees kind of movng around between the trees. I asked my friend if he saw it and he said yes he could aswell and then we stood silent in fear and I could feel impending doom and I had shivers going throughout my body. The best way I can describe it is the feeling you get when someone dies or you are about to die, the feeling of dread inside your chest like you are helpless. I remembered this feeling from personal experiences of almost dying and from close people and pets dying in my life. We left very quick because we had no clue what it was and it scared us. I remember my friend yelling something at it and it was just silent still slightly moving between the trees.

The figure was pure white and solid seemed to be at least 6 to 7 feet tall from where we were standing which was about 30-40 feet away from us so it could have been even bigger than it appeared to us at that distance. I am positive it was not a living creature or a human being and it was not a trick of the mind or light, there was no light nor moon shining in the forest because it was pitch black and filled with pine trees, and there were no houses close enough to give off any light whatsoever or give off a shine. It had no phsyical features at all except for very long arms it kind of looked like how a ape would have its arms but they were very long. It was pitch black in the forest but the whole figure was sort of blurry giving off a white light like if you were to look at something out of focus. It wasn't illuminated to the point where it was giving off a bright light, it was more like a really condensed figure of white smoke but you could see it in the pitch black. It didn't have much movement at all and there was no sound at all, it seemed like it was kind of just pacing right to left or doing something weird between the trees.

It was kind of odd because the figure didn't catch my attention right away my eyes just kind of adjusted to the dark when I noticed the figure and focused in on it in the distance and I couldnt believe and wasn't sure what I was looking at. I also find it strange that I didn't even have to point out to my friend where the figure was he automatically saw it at the same time I saw it, like it wanted to be seen. It could have quite possibly have been a warning and that is why me and my friend left right away without any hesitation. It is now 8 years later and the experience still scares me.

He has no neighbors that are close to the location because as I said his forest is a couple acres, so there is no way it could have been a neighboor in his forest. To this day the feeling that I got when I saw that still gives me shivers, something so powerful that it emits a powerful vibe of fear and death. The fact that we went out to his forest at that time really late at night and happened to see that freaks me out as well, cause it was clearly meant to be seen by us. If we went out any later or any sooner we might not have seen whatever it was that manifested in his forest at that moment of time.

I am not sure of the history of Matsqui Island but it directly lines up with the this location. I think there is possibly a Ley line underneath this location connecting to Matsqui. If there were Native American Burial grounds there and a leyline connecting both locations then that would explain the paranormal activity. There was also a small flowing river and streams close by in the forest where we saw the entity. I find this very interesting because I heard water acts as a conductor for paranormal activity.

Chris, BC, Canada
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