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Entertainment Ghost

Coralee Evans, Michigan, USA
September 1999

Ican't explain why it happened or why it started all of a sudden. One night I was alone with my three kids and our family cat, Tasha. Tasha, although very playful and not to mention a bit on heat, was very odd on this particular night. He was making an unusual howling noise and hissing at my television and Stereo.

Later that night when my husband came home, we played a game of darts. I am not very good at the game, when I threw a dart to the board it hit the side and bounced down on the floor. We heard it hit the tile floor. When I went to pick it up, it was gone. We checked everywhere. It seemed to have just disappeared. The following night, as I was home alone, and the kids were sleeping. I was listening to the DMX on my cable TV, and again Tasha was acting really strange again. This time though it was generated towards the TV Well when I looked up to see what she could possibly have been hissing at, a black shadow-like hand, the size of a mans, was on my screen. Slowly it moved across my screen until it disappeared off the screen. Then, the dishes in my sink were banging together. The silverware was hitting the bottom of the sink, and a glass somehow hit the floor and broke.

There is no reasonable explanation for this to this day.

The next few days were sort of quiet. Nothing really happened. One day, though, while I was going through my desk in our office, I found underneath it a thick stack of phone books I had been collecting over the past few years, I suddenly found the missing dart. The same dart I lost 5 days earlier. There was no way in hell it could have gotten there on it's own. Our Dart board is in our kitchen downstairs. I have 3 toddlers, who have no way of entering our office. Simply because there is a specific code needed to enter the office. And that is changed every month.

Well, this same night, I was again in my living room, watching a movie on HBO and the TV kept turning off. The remote was sitting on top of the entertainment center. I got up, turned the TV back on and sat down. About 20 minutes later, it did it again. So this time I got up and grabbed the remote, sat down and turned it back on. Again, it shut off. Only this time it was about an hour later. So very annoyed by this time, I just shut the TV off. Tasha was running through the house hissing and howling again at absolutely nothing. She then ran up to the TV and hissed, and then backed away slowly, like something was in front of her then ran to the front the door where I then heard a loud crash in our back yard where our storage shed is. The next morning there was a ton of sticks on top of the shed. Which was really weird because the closest tree is across the street.

Nothing since then has happened. Which I found to be strange. I can't understand what made it leave. I am just glad it's gone. But to this day, Tasha will no longer go near the TV if it is on.

Coralee Evans, Michigan, USA
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