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Eric's Ghostly Visitors

Kim Kincaid, NC, USA
January 2008

Twenty six years ago my oldest son was born. He appeared to be your normal little red-haired, blue/green eyed child. To our surpise an elderly lady told us that this was not the case. She told me that he was special and could see and hear things that no one else could. This statement has proven to be true, very true, to the dismay of Eric.

When Eric was 2 years old we were living in the home that my husband had lived in with his previous wife and family. His grandmother had lived with them until she had gotten so sick that he nor his first wife could take care of her. Momma Kincaid died in l976, Eric was born in l981, these are important dates keep them in mind.

I was on the phone with my mother one morning and Eric was playing in the room that he shared with his baby sister. He was running his car over the gas heater in their room, which was cut off because it was summer. Suddenly Eric came running into the room to me crying, "Momma that old woman is after me." I asked my mother to stay on the phone while I went to see who this woman could be, all the doors were locked. I found no one there, so I told him to stay in the kitchen with me and play on the floor. As I sat there watching him, my mother still on the phone, the curtain billowed out, the window was closed, and Eric ran to me crying again saying, "Momma, she's after me again." I could not see the woman, I did see the cutain move, I asked Eric to describe the woman to me, he described my husbands grandmother to a T. He had never seen a picture of her, he was only 2 years old.

A few days later we were visiting my mother-in-law, her front door blew open, she said that lately about the same time each night the door did this. As we sat talking about it we heard Eric in the kitchen talking to someone. I walked to the kitchen to find out who was in there with him and I saw no one so I asked him who he was talking to and he said "Paw-Paw Kincaid". He died in 1974. After a few minutes the door blew open once more, Eric walked out on the porch and began to wave as if saying good-bye to someone. I asked who he was waving at he said, "Paw-Paw and he's going back where he came from." The door has not blown open again to this day.

Another occurance with Eric happened at a friends house, it was in the historic area of Salisbury.
As you entered into this house there was a wide foyer with a winding staircase going up the righthand side of the entrance. My friend Phyllis, her husband Tom, my husband Walt and myself went into the front room to play cards while her daughters watched our daughter Erin and Eric. Phyllis had given Eric some little plastic skates and fixed the floor in the foyer so he could skate out there. We had played cards for about an hour and Phyllis decided to go get drinks for all of us. She walked out into the hall were she found Eric looking up the stairway talking to someone. She said she smelt cigar smoke and thought she could see it floating over the landing of the stairway. She asked Eric who he was talking to?, he looked at her like she was crazy and said that man right there, pointing to the landing. Phyllis asked him to discribe the man to her and he did.

The next day Phyllis went to the library and check the archives to find out who had owned the house in the past, to her shock Eric had described to a tee the man that had built the house over l00 years before!

I was raised in an area near the Yadkin River where Daniel Boone had lived and grown, there were also Indians in the area, this is important for you to know as the story I am about to tell unfolds. Eric was 12 years old when this story happened.

We were living in my parents home, they had moved and gave us the place rent free. Some of the kids they went to school with lived up the road and had asked Eric and his sister and two younger brothers to go the Bible School with them. The little Baptist church that had been there for 50 years which had a place in the basement that was frightening to many people. Eric attended the Bible School the first night and refused to go back. I asked why and at first he wouldn't talk about it. Latter on he told me that they had moved their class down to the new fellowship hall, which we have since found out is built on an Indian graveyard. Eric said he could hear voices and see shadows moving in and around the building. It seemed that the spirits were trying to talk to Eric and this frightened him so badly that he never went back to that church.

I have many more stories about Eric, like I said earlier he is now 26 and occassionly still has unexplained visitors but I guess that he always will.

Kim Kincaid, NC, USA
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