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Kevin Olson, West Virginia, USA
October 1998

Iam sure that this will seem like a small thing to most of you but I would like to tell this story anyway.

First a little history.

This incident took place in my Mom and Dads house approximately fifteen years ago. There is nothing spectacular about the house other than the fact that my Father's first wife passed away in the house about fifty years ago. Anyway here goes.

My brother and I were home from school one day and it must have been raining because we were bored stiff. My Father was home and my Mother was at work at the time. Well as I said we were both pretty bored so we began to play a card game. Two handed Euchre. Now some of you may know how to play Euchre as a four handed game but it can be played as a two handed game. For those of you who do not know how to play or have never heard of the game let me assure you of one thing, Euchre cannot be played without all of the jacks. In Euchre the jacks are the highest cards in the twenty one card deck and all of the jacks must be present to play. I mention this one fact because my brother and I played the game for about an hour or so at the foot of the couch where my father was sitting.

Well as I said we had been playing for about an hour when the boredom became overwhelming and to be a jack ass my brother took all of the cards and scattered them all over the floor. You know he just sort of flicked them with his fingers so they scattered all over the place. Well after we exchanged a few harsh words and after Dad told us to settle down and play nice we started to play the game again. As we began to play we noticed that one of the jacks was missing. I just figured that my brother had taken it because he did not want to play anymore but he swore that he did not take it. We looked all over the place and eventually had to quit playing because we had only three jacks. Not much of a story right. Well here is the kicker. I never thought about that card game much, just figuring that my brother had stolen the card to be a brat. That was until about five years after that game when I walked into the house and saw the jack laying on the floor exactly where we had been playing that night. As soon as I saw it I knew what it was. My brother had been off at college when the card reappeared so I know he had nothing to do with it.

Well that's the story. I do not know how scary it is but it is absolutely true.

Kevin Olson, West Virginia, USA
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