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Ever Get That Weird Feeling?

Tiffany, Canada
February 2001

If this story ever makes it to be published, I'll be awfully shocked! I'm sure a lot of people will agree with me, but when you look at certain objects, or areas of a house... you know there is something that just isn't right!!! Thats what this story is about, and its not made up, but it isn't that exciting either! Just weird!

I live in an area that was rebuilt over the area where a huge explosion occurred (Halifax Explosion-1917), in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Thousands of people died in the area where I live, and thousands more were injured. In this house where I've lived for so long, I had a room, that was the smallest in the house. Every other room can be freezing cold, but that room is always hot and stuffy. It was always my comfort room, when my grandparents lived here, but now that it was mine, it felt strange. Something about the closet always bothered me and I couldn't quite figure out what it was.

My sister who came every few weekends to stay never felt anything weird, but my fear of the closet grew worse.

We had bunk beads and every night when I went to sleep, I just couldn't face the closet, something was there. I would even put pillows up to the side of the bed so I couldn't see the closet, and would always sleep facing the other direction. When we renovated the house, I got my parents old bedroom, and my old room became my sisters/guest room.

One night, my friend Marcy stayed there, and her house is extremely haunted so of course when she feels something or sees something, I KNOW there must be something wrong!

We went to sleep at about 2, and the way the house was renovated, the closet opens up on either side of my room and the spare room. A walk-thru closet I guess. Marcy always tends to wake up at other people's houses at night, and she said she woke up a few times, but fell back to sleep very quickly. At around 4, she woke up and opened her eyes to see a white glowing figure in my closet. There was no definite form, but whatever it was was tall. As she was so terrified, she thought she was dreaming and went back to sleep. When she told me in the morning, I thought I might pass out from fear, because she was the only one who believed me about the closet, LONG before she saw anything. I've never seen anything, just heard noises, and scratching. Also, I don't know how to describe this, but if I open my eyes when its dim or dark near the closet, I can see things. Kind of like liquid moving object, but I never see anything definite. So anytime I pass that room now, or go upstairs, you should see me run, because whatever is in there, I know its waiting for me because it knows I'm scared.

I know it wasn't that interesting or thrilling, but many people have these experiences. I'm glad mine wasn't that horrifying, or I think I might be in another country now!

Tiffany, Canada
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