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Evergreen Cemetery

Will, WA, USA
September 2004

I had the most eerie thing happen to me tonight. I went to the cemetery along with my niece to put flowers on my great-grandparents graves. My niece, who is 2 ? years old, doesn't know about cemeteries or graves or of such stuff and we don't allow her to watch movies/TV with scary dialogue or violence in it.

When we were driving down the paths of the cemetery, my niece asked me why there were so many people in the trees. I thought she was just being a toddler so I just said "I dunno" and left it at that.

We parked and went outside. We were walking through the headstones (all the ones in the cemetery lay flat like plaques on the ground) when my niece said she was scared because all the monsters were out. I told her to hold my hand and that the monsters can't hurt you. Meanwhile, I was playing the Twilight Zone theme in my head.

After we put the flowers in their vase on the gravestone, we walked back to the car. As we were driving down the same path except for the opposite direction, my niece, from her car seat, grabbed my hand and bent fingers so it'd look like I was pointing at something. Then she said "Them under the tree, see!?"

In the future, I plan on going and taking photos of the cemetery to see what shows up. =)

Will, WA, USA
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