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Evil Ankh

Daniel Inns, Ohio, USA
October 1998

As I write this I want you to know that the apex of these events happened only a few hours ago. I have not had a scare like I just had in a long, long, time. The ankh, witch oddly enough I used to wear as a protection talisman will never find itself around my neck again. Here is how it all began, right up to what I sincerely hope was the grand finale. Be warned, this post is LONG, but I can't help it. I needed to make it accurate.

It all started last June. It was my birthday and to celebrate I went to a popular 60's antique store to buy some kind of goth oriented adornment. After looking around, I found a cool ankh necklace I had always heard the symbol of the ankh focused energy. Oh this one focused energy all right, but not the kind you want in your life. My first inclination that the ankh was bad news was on the first night I had it. I had a vivid and horrific dream that I saw in the sky from my window, lights in the shape of an ankh, like a funky UFO, suddenly my whole apartment was torn to shreds by these weird meteorites! I remember falling through my floor into a basement. From the holes the meteorites had punched in the building, a volatile acid dripped. I woke up happy that it had been a nightmare. But the nightmare to follow was far worse, for this nightmare would be in my waking hours from then on in. Sensing the ankh's potential for black magic, I used its energy to commit a sin that I will surely rot in hell for. My life will forever be lived in guilt for the suffering I caused with the ankh's dark power. Yes, I used the power to hurt people who made me angry, I'm not proud of what I did, but I cannot undo it. My life suddenly became besieged by severely odd occurances, things would move, I'd see apparitions out of the corner of my eye. All kinds of odd phenomenon. The final straw came only a few hours before I wrote this. I was in my sisters room when a terrible force filled the area. It was like a feeling of despair and regret, like the feeling somebody would get at the gates of hell. This terrible ambiance scared the hell out of my cat too. I tore out of the room with the terrified cat right behind me. It was no use, the unseen entity was like weather. It just flowed into the living room with my sister and I. We suffered under its crushing force for over an hour. I somehow had the feeling my ankh necklace was behind it all, but I still felt like maybe the ankh was offering protection. I finally realized that the ankh was the very thing I needed protection from. I took off the ankh and the results happened instantly. The weird energy field broke up and the feeling of despair subsided. As I type this I look over at the drawer I have put the ankh in. I wonder if I should throw it away, or take it to somebody who can get rid of whatever evil emanates through it?.

As a footnote, I am not unfamiliar to the thing which recently attacked us. It is a vengeful spirit that has stalked me and my sister all our lives. I finally thought that the place I lived now was a place this evil entity could not reach. But stupidly I just opened a door and let it right in. I have come to the conclusion that I will never be rid of this thing. Maybe for what I have done, I deserve this in full. I'm sorry I had to subject my sister to all of this. May whatever god exists have mercy on my soul.

Daniel Inns, Ohio, USA
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