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Evil Home

Anonymous, PA, USA
February 2011

About twenty years ago, when I was four years old my family bought the house my father had grown up in. My family consisted of my parents, my grandmother, and my sister who is eleven years older than me. It was built in the 1940s and no deaths had occurred in it. I know nothing about the land except that I know Native Americans lived in this whole area at one time (that can be said about every town though really). The house was located on a normal suburban street. Neither of my parents believe in ghosts at all, but my father had always thought the house was creepy, even as an adult.

There were the normal things that the whole family saw: things disappearing and then reappearing a while later in the same spot (no one was playing practical jokes), the dial on the water heater getting turned to "off" when no one had been down in the basement (the water heater was located in the back part under the stairs where it is pitch black without a flashlight).

There were an unusually high number of accidents also. For instance, in the eight years we lived there I fell down the entire flight of wood stairs (tumbling head over heels) no less than 9-10 times (by some miracle I never broke any bones). My parents tried everything to make the stairs safer and I always had to walk slowly and carefully up and down the stairs, yet still I would fall. I was afraid of the stairs for a while. Nothing ever went right in that house when my parents tried to work on it.

I was the one who experienced the most there and I was terrified. During the day I would hear knocking on the walls and windows (we did not have rodents, cockroaches or anything of that nature). I would be sure I heard someone call me and no one had.

Things got worse once my sister and I moved from the back bedroom into the front bedroom a few years later. Once a hanger flew out of my closet towards me, I would hear what sounded like a tinkling, almost like jingle bells moving around. My sister and I both had HORRIBLE nightmares quite frequently. The worst part was my personality started being effected. I would just be seized with waves of anger and hatred for no reason and at no one in particular and always when I was in that bedroom. Images would come into head that I do not believe is natural to a little girl under ten years of age who was not allowed to watch anything violent or scary.

As far as having actually SEEN something a few times I thought I saw a cloudy form in the open doorway), but I can't be sure. My sister (around 20 years old by this point) once woke up in the middle of the night with a horrible "oppressed" feeling, sat up and saw a black form glide from the edge of her bed into the corner near our closet and disappear. Once I was awake after everyone else was asleep and all the lights were off and I got up to get a toy when I saw a blue light in the open closet. It was a steady light, not a flash like happens with static build up and it was IN FRONT of the clothing not coming from them. It was like there was a light bulb shining down, but the closets in that house were not lit closets. I thought it was coming in from outside so I went to the window and looked out, but there was nothing.

I held the edge of the shade (room darkening) tight against the window frame to make sure, but the blue light was still there. I finally went and sat on my bed and watched it until it faded away. It was there for about 10-15 minutes. I still don't know what it was.

Everything was better once we moved out when I was around 12 and I have not had any more problems. I recently found out that my father's youngest sister (who also was raised in that house) had always said that she thought it was haunted by something and that weird things happened there. I once showed a picture of it to a friend of mine who is a psychic of sorts, without telling her what it was. She got sick to her stomach and couldn't keep looking at it. She said, "That house is evil!"

Anonymous, PA, USA
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