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Evil In The House

Ohio, USA
August 2000

Shortly after my daughter had her first son, she began having weird drams. She told me she kept having a dream ,where, in the dream she would be walking to the babys crib, but when she got to the crib, the baby would not be her son, but another baby. This went on for some time. Then one night, while dreaming, she woke up to find herself standing beside her sons crib with her arms held out as if to lift him out. She said to herself that this was enough! But then, she said, she suddenly felt a terrible evil in the house! She said she took the baby and went to bed, tried to wake her husband, but he would not wake up. She said it was the absolutely the most evil thing she ever felt.

The next day, she was cleaning the baby bottles and other baby supplies at the kitchen sink and had laid them all on a towel on the counter to dry. Then left the kitchen to go into the living room and check on the baby. When she went into the kitchen again - the basement door was ajar and she was horrified to see that the baby things she had just cleaned were all scattered on the floor! She called me right away and I asked her if there was anything that was brought into the house that could have an evil vibration on it lately. The only thing, she said, was a stuffed bunny rabbit that her husbands mother has gotten from some donations to the church, and had given to my daughter for her bunny collection. She said she did not like the rabbit from the beginning but did not want to refuse the gift. She said it had some rust colored stains on it. She decided to burn the rabbit and get rid of it. Which she did - but claimed later that everything in the burner was destroyed except the rabbit. She burnt it a second time and this time it burnt, she said she felt some relief, but not much.

She lives out of town so I did not hear from her until the next day. She said after she burnt the rabbit she still felt evil in the house and was scared because of the basement door being opened and so she took the baby and left and went down to her in-laws home and told her mother-in-law about what was happening. She was frightened for her baby, as all the happenings seemed to stem around the baby. Her mother-in-law told the priest of her church about this and that night he came over to the house and went through all the rooms and the basement and blessed them with holy water. This has never happened again. The house she lives in belonged to her husbands grandfather, and her in-laws lived in it and brought their children up there - her husband and his sister say they always heard things at night in bed, when they were growing up, but never felt evil.

Also, a long time ago when her husbands mother was babysitting for a baby (a relative) that the baby died of SIDS in the house. And that a young male cousin lived there for awhile, who was a troublemaker, and this young man was killed in a traffic accident. No one has ever been able to determine who or what the evil emanated from - but I believe my daughter, as we have never repressed our childrens natural sixth senses.

Ohio, USA
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