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Evil Really Does Walk

Susan, South Dakota, USA
January 2008

My experience happened about three weeks ago. My story involves my older brother J., myself, and something else.

Briefly; my brother J. and I had visited our other brother and his wife. An argument ensued, but we hoped things got tamped down, emotions-wise. My brother J. and I used a flashlight to walk the road home to our family's summer cabin, where we were staying. The rest of the "we" included J.'s wife and their daughter and friend. My other brother and his wife were staying at a guest cabin about 1/4 mile down the road from where we were.

Once J. and I returned to the cabin, we said goodnight, each getting ready to settle down for the night, J. and his family inside the cabin, and myself in my tent, about 20 feet away from the cabin itself. Inside my tent, I was lying in my side, all nice and cozy in my bag, when suddenly my whole body tensed-up!! I had the distinct impression that someone or SOMETHING was right outside my tent!! I rolled onto my back, eyes intent on the tent ceiling, ears on "full alert". I guess you could say I was "scared stiff"! I can still hear the foot-falls of It as It very purposely walked past my tent-flap, some 6-8 inches away. It seemed to be searching for something..or someone.. ME? What struck me cold was that I could hear dead, dry leaves crunch underfoot, except that there weren't any dead, dry leaves to "crunch" underfoot, just green grass. And, as far as I know, green grass does not "crunch"!

So, there I am in my tent, wondering if I should make a dash for the safety of the cabin, or should I "scratch" that idea and just stay were I was? I decided to stay where I was, because I decided it would have taken too much time to unzip the tent flap, grab my sleeping bag to make that "mad dash", and who knows what I might have seen once outside my tent????

So, I stayed where I was.. and the walking continued..past my tent, where It seemed to turn the corner...pause..and then It returned to walk past my tent-flap once more. The whole time this was going on, I found myself chanting a prayer of protection over and over, until finally, IT went away. The terror just left. Poof! I then rolled back onto my right-side to try to get some sleep once more, but of course, I couldn't.. my brain tried to make sense of what had just happened, etc.

It was around 10 minutes later, when I heard someone else walking around outside, but this time the foot-falls were "different". I figured these belonged to my brother J., so I called out, "Good Night.." and J. returned the greeting.

Fast Forward to the next morning: Brother J., his wife and I are outside in the morning sunshine enjoying a cup of coffee, when J. quietly related his own weird experience of the night before.

J. too, had got ready to fall asleep, when he suddenly got "the feeling" that he was being Watched by a "dark force", my brother's words, and, that the dark force was right inside the cabin with him. Later, my brother was so disturbed by this, that he went outside to walk it off..under the yard light. (which is when I heard him and called out "good night"). I am convinced that what I heard was not a person, but something. I am also convinced that whatever It was, It WAS looking for us, but I like to think my Guardian Angels were watching over us.

I mentioned at the beginning of my story that an argument had started from my other brother and his wife. Sometimes, when there has been a long time of negativity stored-up within a person, it can attract dark forces. This is what I feel has happened. I am convinced this dark force followed my brother J. and I home, in the hopes of...?

Thanks for reading.

Susan, South Dakota, USA
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