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Experiences in my Home

Anonymous, Canberra, Australia
May 2015

I have lived in the same house my whole life and whilst being there my sister and I have had a few weird experiences that I would like to share.

One night when I was about 8 or 9 I was awoken by a very loud thunderstorm and because I was scared I couldn't fall back to sleep. I walked into my parents' room at the other end of the house to get my mum to come and sleep with me. Anyway on the way back from her room she stopped and went to the bathroom leaving me outside waiting for her. I had my back to the bathroom and where I was standing was a very dark part of the house because there were no visible windows. I was waiting for a few minutes when I noticed out of the corner of my eye a black silhouette come from behind me and move around so it was standing in front of me. Now this silhouette looked exactly like a person standing in the dark. It had the perfect shape of a person, it was around my mum's height and its shape didn't change or distort like a shadow would. It was literally a black figure standing in front of me. Anyway after the silhouette stopped in front of me it started to move towards the kitchen. Now as I said this looked exactly like a person so I thought it was my mum and ended up following it. It moved all the way through the kitchen, living room before moving into the laundry when it suddenly disappeared. I stood in the doorway of the laundry and yelled "Mum, where are you?" and she responded, "Still in the bathroom." Well I was terrified! I sprinted back to my mum and asked her if she ever left the bathroom and she replied she hadn't. I immediately told her what happened; that I had followed something into the laundry thinking was her. She of course didn't believe me and we ended up going to bed. To this day I cannot explain what happened no matter how hard I try. The only other people in my house are my dad and sister, the silhouette was too tall to be my sister who was only 2 or so at the time and still slept in a cot that she needed help out of. It was too tall to be my dad who (I did ask if we got up during the night) swore he never left the bed during the night. And I am sure it wasn't actually a person because it literally appeared next me disappeared before my eyes and also my room is at a different end of the house to the other rooms so no one could have walked past me into the kitchen without first walking in front of me. There were no windows near bye and all the other windows had curtains over them so it was not a reflection. It wasn't my own shadow because it came from behind, then moved in front of me stopped, then moved again all before I had ever moved myself—a shadow wouldn't do that.

After this happened thing were pretty quiet until I was about 14 or so when I had several small yet odd occurrences over about 6 years. The first was weird noises I would often hear the toilet paper holder in the bathroom (same one from the above story) making a noise as though someone was using but when I went to look no one was there and I would often ask if anyone had been to the bathroom and everyone always said no. This usually happened quite late at night. Other than the toilet paper I would usually hear a weird popping noise that sounded exactly like the noise a Mac computer makes when you use the volume controls. I would always be laying in bed and hear the noise, my sister had moved into the bedroom directly across from ours so I would always go to check if she was using the volume on her computer and she was always asleep or the computer was turned off. Once again this always happened late at night. I would also lose something and have it just "pop up" suddenly. I remember once looking for a pair of socks in my room and pulling every single pair of socks out of my sock draw and putting them back in. I then left the room to tell me my mum I had lost my socks and took her into my room to show her my sock draw only to open it and have the socks sitting on the top of the pile. Another time I was looking for my mouth-guard, I remember standing at the door and looking at the floor of my bedroom, leaving my room and returning moments later to find the mouth guard sitting on the floor exactly where I had looked before I left.

I used to think all of the occurrences were small oversights on my behalf or an over active imagination and could somehow be easily explained. This was until I started talking with my sister one night and the topic went to haunted houses and she confessed that she sometimes hears weird noises in our own house. We got talking more and realised we both hear the toilet paper holder making noises and the popping noise and she has also lost things and walked back into her room to find the lost item sitting in plain sight.

She told me that she was in her room and dropped something on the floor and it rolled under the lounge in her room. She left the room to find a torch so she could get the object and when she returned with the torch to look under the lounge the object was nowhere to be seen. So she stood up and turned to face her cupboard where to her surprise the object was sitting on a shelf in her cupboard. Once again she and Mum were the only people home and Mum had not been in her room.

My sister and I are the only ones to have these experiences.

Anonymous, Canberra, Australia
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