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Experiences Over The Years

Guessy, Maine, USA
January 2003

Hello, I have been lurking in the shadows reading all of your stories so I thought I would submit one of mine. I have had experiences for most of my life and I thank my lucky stars that the place I am currently living in is not spirited so to speak. You just never know with the unknown? ha ha. I do kind of miss it though. (Better not say that too loud huh).

My very first experience goes back to when I was just about three years old. I remember visiting my father when he was living with a girlfriend or even possibly his third wife, I can't remember. But, anyway, I was going downstairs to the basement, just wandering around the house, and I remember as I got down to the bottom of the stairs I ran into a black shadow that had a head and shoulders, but below that was no real figure. I thought it was another child, don't ask why, but I remember asking it if it wanted to play with me and it charged at me and chased me back up the stairs. I told my father, but he didn't believe me. Thinking back to it, I know it wasn't my shadow, because it was not attached to me in anyway, and it moved first.

In the apartment that I lived in with my mom for most of my childhood, I would get this awful feeling of being followed close behind by some presence on the stairs. I used to go streaking up the stairs and jump into bed. My mom thought I was just being foolish. My mom is such a skeptic that even when she was babysitting my then infant child who was just learning to talk, she thought nothing of this: they were laying in my bed when my child took her pacifier out of her mouth, pointed to the hall and said "who's that Grammy, who's that?" When my mom looked, there was no one there and then, when my child repeated the question, she still shrugged it off. Now, if that isn't a skeptic then there is no such a thing.

I used to hear people talking at night too. It sounded like it was a news person on the radio, but I could never make out what he was saying. We lived in an apartment complex, and could hear the neighbors sometimes but only if they were being excessively loud like yelling and this was just talking. I tried to find the sound even investigating downstairs but I couldn't hear it downstairs. My mom said it was just a radio next door, but they would have to be playing it very loud, and our neighbors had small children and wouldn't be blaring a newscast over the radio in the middle of the night.

One time, I was in my room with a friend and we were just hanging out talking about plans for the night. When a mirror I had hanging on the wall fell. I always pound my nails into the wall pointing up so my stuff won't fall. The nail was still in the wall just as strong as ever, and this mirror was a big hand held one with a little hole in the handle to hang it by. Since the nail was still in the wall and pointing up, the mirror would have had to have been lifted off the nail.

One time when my friends and I were hanging out in the living room, a book came flying, yes, flying out of the corner bookcase and landed six or seven feet away from the bookcase. Totally unbelievable, but there were four of us there to see it.

Well, that's is for now, just a little tease. I actually went from this place to a total classic haunting from everything to poltergeist activity to apparitions of all sorts.

But, if you want to learn more about that place drop me a line. Skeptics, don't even bother junking up my in box. I go through great lengths to rationalize what I have seen and been through and believe me, I get more than enough welcomed skeptic suggestions to help try to rationalize it all from my Mom.

If anyone knows why staircases seem to have so much activity, please drop me a line.

Guessy, Maine, USA
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