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Experiences With An Old Friend

Alicia, South Dakota, USA
September 2007

My story begins in August of 2003. My husband and I had been playing on a Ouija board talking to a dear friend of mine, Dannye H. (He passed away a few years before in a car accident.) I had known him, and his younger siblings in Texas. At any rate, we talked to him a lot, and I got used to seeing him out of the corner of my eyes every now and then.

I worked at McDonald's at the time, usually in drive through taking orders, and if I walked a little to my right I could see all the supplies we had. Well, during a slow period I glanced into the supply room and saw Dannye in there, just grinning. He was wearing cowboy boots, blue jeans, and a white T-shirt. He looked like he was enjoying watching me having to work. :)

I also saw him in our apartment a couple of times. Once I was in the shower and happened to glance up through the curtain and I jumped out of my skin. Through the blue shower curtain ( it was one of those curtains that had dolphins or tropical fish on it, can find them at Wal-Mart) I saw the outline of a skinny guy with a cowboy hat on. It took me a few seconds after I was scared out of my skin to realize who it was. I said out loud, "That was Real funny Dannye. Scaring me to death. I wasn't expecting you there, you know." Later that night, he told me on the Ouija board that he was laughing very hard. Now that I look back, I can laugh too.

Another time, I was in the bathroom again (seems to have a fixation on the bathroom, don't you think? lol ) and I was brushing my teeth and again I saw him plain as day walk by. He had a straw colored cowboy hat on, blonde hair peeking out from under it, pretty blue eyes, his smile, his freckles, white T-shirt, blue jeans, and cowboy boots. I could've hugged him had I known he was there physically. Again wasn't expecting him, and I almost choked on my toothpaste. LOL

Another significant episode I had with him, was talking to him on the Ouija board in October, like a week before the 11th, 2003, and we were asking him which day would be best to conceived a child, and he said the 11th. I asked if he was sure and he said yes. So with that information, a week after the 11th I bought a pregnancy test which came back positive. That night we got on the board and talked to Dannye and he told us that the baby was conceived on the 11th, like he told us it would be. I was like alright, what is it going to be a boy or girl? He told us a boy. Low and behold, on July 12th, I gave birth to a 7 lbs 1 oz baby boy! Whom, I named Daniel (Dannye). :)

I got rid of my Ouija board but I can still talk to him. If I use long tapered candles and ask him yes and no questions, he'll answer me. Many people might think I'm making that part up, but like everyone else you have to experience for yourself and only you know what Really happened to you.

Still love reading everyone's stories. Keep up the great work here! :)

Alicia, South Dakota, USA
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