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Experiences With George

Diane, Missouri, USA
August 2000

When I was in my early 20's post divorce years I and 2 other roommates rented a huge old 2 story house on Church street in Aurora Mo. It was a beautiful house with a huge cherry wood staircase and probably 12 ft. ceilings we all loved this house immensely!

I personally only had one kind of strange experience with the lights in the livingroom being turned off while in plain sight of all of the 4 people in the room it never really struck me as strange...till later on that year.

I got a new roommate and one morning I awoke to get ready for work and when I came downstairs she was sitting on the couch all freaked out looking holding a teddy bear, when I asked what happened she said she felt someone in her room last night and whenever she would close her eyes something would jump on her and cover her eyes. She had thought she was nuts and calmed herself down and as soon as she closed her eyes it would happen again so she decided to stay up all night after this she would never be alone in the house at all, I would have left after that.

We lived there for 2-3 yrs and when we moved out a girl we worked with and her boyfriend and 2 kids moved in the youngest girl being 2-3 at the time the oldest was probably 10. the youngest girl immediately started talking about this little boy named George and she would kiss the wall where George was. She was a very bright child and her parents just thought oh she has an imaginary friend how neat! They started hearing running and footsteps when the kids were gone for the weekend and would go to yell at them only to remember they were away. Lights went off and on alot by themselves and the little girl would draw pictures of George and he was always in a big black car behind the wheel and his mom dad and sisters were outside the car. She said had died when he was 8 or 9 yrs old it got pretty strange for them all before it was over.

I used to go visit them occasionally and we never discussed anything about the house being haunted basically because I never really thought it was. We had a phone conversation a few years ago that changed my mind though.

The friend informed me that the house was haunted, I asked her why and she told me all of the above stories and added that one day when I came to visit and left that her daughter said George says Diane is pregnant... I actually found out about 2 weeks later that I was pregnant she had decided not to tell me about it because she didn't want to scare me...

When they moved the mother took some of the globes off of the chandelier ..when I moved I took a porcelain switch plate cover which I never could bring myself to install in my own house years later as planned. After they moved she put her globes on a ceiling fan in the new house and George went with them but this time he was mean to her daughter. She was terrified of him and would wake up almost in seizures.

One day after more than she could stand she asked her daughter where George was and she pointed to the corner she told him he was scaring the child he needed to go home he was no longer welcome and that was the end of it.

I had a Sharpei when I lived there and he used to start whimpering in the night and walk out the bedroom through a window that had a flat roof and sit like he was sitting beside someone almost like clockwork every night. I often wonder if it was George he was out there with.

I threw my switch plate away after our phone conversation I don't want to tempt fate. The house is now a little discount store and has had a fire and has been remodeled..

Diane, Missouri, USA
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