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Face in the Trees

Josh Kenyon, Manchester, UK
July 2009

My friends, my friend's mum and I went for a walk in the woods. We went every Sunday but this walk seemed different, we all had the feeling that we were being watched. We have always beloved in ghosts and spirits and have sometimes had different experiences but this was the scariest.

We were coming to the end of the woods and decided to go off the path and into the trees. The trees went up on a slant. So Kirsty, Naomi and myself went through the bushes and started up the hill. As soon as we started going up I got a cold shiver down my spine. Half way up the hill my friends mum (Gail) shouted us to stop. We all looked back and her face was as white as a ghost's. Kirsty shouted down asking what's up, But Gail just shouted to come down. Obeying her we all ran down and went home.

At home Gail told us that she had saw a grey-white face in the tree between Naomi and I and it looked like a little boy. We were all curious and wanted to see it for ourselves. So later that day Naomi, Kirsty and I went back. We took a shortcut to where Gail saw the face. Kirsty decided that Naomi and I go up and stand in the same positions as we did before. Frightened and scared Naomi and I made our way up the hill, arriving at the tree we stood there waiting. We both suddenly became cold and tear ran down my eye. Kirsty screamed making me and Naomi scream. We ran back down and stood with Kirsty.

All huddled up, we stared at the grey-white face staring back at us.

Josh Kenyon, Manchester, UK
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