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Faces At Dawn

Sara, Wales, UK
October 2001

It was early morning and I couldn't sleep, I got up and decided to take my dog for a walk around the area. I got myself dressed and I left the house at 5.00am. We walked down the the old tavern and on our way we passed the graveyard that was quiet and very peaceful.

On the way back from my journey I witnessed a terrible thing. I walked past the graveyard and checked my watch only to find it had stopped working. Suddenly it went very, very cold and goose bumps started to grow on my arms. I held tighly to my dog's leash as he whimpered softly. He seemed scared and seeing such a fierce dog as mine scared - scared me. We started walking briskly and then all of a sudden a shape at the gate of the grave yard caught my attention - it was a human face. It was almost as if It had been grafted into the wall. I couldn't make out if the face was male or female but I took a closer look and as I went closer my dog whimpered more and more in terror. I looked at the face it was a gray shade but you could clearly make out it's facial features. After staring for a few seconds I broke into a run and ran all the way home.

The next day I went passed and the faces had disappeared. I told friends about this event and they laughed. But I'm still very curious to know what was behind that wall that early morning. I'm thinking of maybe even asking to have the wall knocked down as I believe perhaps there is a head or something in the wall.... it couldn't have been a ghost of some one in the grave yard - could it?

Sara, Wales, UK
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