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Faces in the Window

Tanya, NE, USA
February 2009

This experience happened to me at my old house, whether you believe me or not is up to you but it is true.

When I was about five my family moved into a town house with a two story shed in the back yard. The house itself looks entirely normal, that is until night.

The most terrifying thing that happened there would have to be when my friends and I were playing outside in front of the shed it was about 10:00 at night. My friends and I were riding our bikes around in front of the shed when we heard the door slam (which was odd for we always close and lock the door) I got off my bike and went to check the door.

Sure enough it was closed and locked (we thought nothing of it) so I got back on my bike and we continued to ride around about five minutes later the door was open (it wasn't cracked but wide open) I started to get really scared so my older sis went and closed the door. When she did that we herd banging on the inside like someone climbing the stairs.

At that point my friends dismissed it and wet back to riding around. I heard a second slam at the top of the stairs. Then the lights turned on and when you looked up at the windows to the barn I saw two milky white faces surround in a fog like mist looking down at us smiling. My friends saw the faces, they got so scared that they just turned tail and rode their bikes home. I asked my mom about this and she told me that an old couple used to own this property, and that the husband shot his wife and hung himself in the shed. Even to this day I am very edgy when I have to go into the shed, and I will never go up to the second floor without someone with me.

Tanya, NE, USA
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