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Fahrnsworth House

Andy Mills, Pennsylvania, USA
February 1998

My experience occurred at the Fahrnsworth House in Gettysburg. This is the house where the sharpshooters who shot Jenie Wade are believed to have been. For those of you who have been there or know about this house, it is incredibly haunted with three or four different spirits haunting the enclosure. In the basement of this house, they give ghost stories about local Gettysburg ghosts. Gettysburg, acre for acre, is the most haunted place in America, so they have a lot of stories to chose from. About twenty minutes into these stories, footsteps are heard directly behind us coming down the stairs. The lady telling the stories got a puzzled look on her face because no one is supposed to come down those stairs during a show. As she walked over to investigate, a bewildered look came across her face. Standing there, or I should say hovering there was an apparition of an old lady from the waist up. She had grey hair pulled back. We gave our description of the spirit to the owners and they confirmed the ghost as Mary.

Andy Mills, Pennsylvania, USA
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