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Fairplain's House

Jennifer, NC, USA
October 2012

In March of 2008, my husband and I purchased our first home. The house was an adorable 3-bedroom bungalow. The home was built in the late 1940s and had been recently remodeled. We honestly thought was had gotten a good deal on price (we had only paid $70,000) and condition of the home. Maybe we should have looked a little harder at what was right under our noses. For a little background, the people who lived in the home were my husband, my daughter (11 years old at the time) and I. In addition, for the first year, we were there our nephew and his girlfriend lived with us.

I am no stranger to the odd noise or ghost. I have seen and heard many strange things in my 30 plus years. Therefore, when odd things started happening in the home I didn't pay very much attention to it. The first thing we noticed was very small and really did fall in the category of odd. I had bought a new jar of Vaseline the day we moved in and had placed it in the box outside the bathroom door with the rest of the things that went in the room. When latter that night I went to unpack and put away the things in the box the Vaseline was gone. Now to anyone who has ever moved that in its self is not a big deal things get miss placed and turn up all the time. But when this item turned up it was in the bottom of a box full of shoes that we brought up from the basement a week later. Things stayed somewhat mellow and the only things that happened were along this line for about the next three months.

Three was our lucky number in this house. For three months at a time, nothing would go on but missing items and what I would call a residual haunting of and old woman cooking in the kitchen. However, once we hit that three-month mark all hell would break loose. Then we would have a month of hell and then three months of mellow. The first time thing went nuts in the house was right after my husband's sister and her children had stayed with us for a week. I was sitting at our computer in the dining room and happened to look in to the living room because my nephew was laughing at something. I saw a little girl in a long white night gown standing in there watching tv. It didn't really click that my sister in law had went home at the time so I asked the little girl who I thought was my niece Katie why she wasn't in bed. My nephew thought I was crazy because one I was talking to someone who wasn't there and two my sister in law and the kids had left that morning. I blew it off and went back to what I was doing.

Things just kept going downhill from there. Over the next four weeks, we got our first taste of what would soon become our new normal. My nephew and his girlfriend would complain for "shadow people" in their bedroom at night and hearing voices coming from the laundry room. Their bedroom shared a wall with the laundry room. My daughter would tell me about her toys moving on their own at night around her room and that a little girl with black eyes would hang down off the top of her bunk bed. She also said the girl would play with her toys at night and try and get her to come play too. I would wake up and see the little girl standing at the foot of my bed. I also would see the shadow people around the house. But, after a month passed everything went back to the way it had been before.

Each three-month cycle just got worse. It was like the trouble we were having was building to something. Whatever that was, I'm not sure. In the next cycle, my husband saw a shadow man in our laundry room. He ran to get his shotgun thinking someone had broken in to the house only to find what he saw was gone and no sign of forced entry. Our daughter was telling us that the girl was talking to her and that a big man was standing in her doorway at night. She got to the point she wouldn't sleep in her room because "the girl was watching her". She spent the next two years on our couch. Our Chihuahua would bark at corners of rooms as if something was there but there wasn't. The dog even was "kicked" across the room one time. It was as if a person had kicked the dog but no one was there to have done it. The dog lifted off the ground and flew through the air about four feet to land on the couch. We would hear voices and see things dart around corners in the house. Our laundry room door would shake as if someone was trying to break in to the main part of the house but no one was there. The door to the laundry room had a window in it. When the shaking and banging would start, I would open the blind to see if anyone was there. However, nothing was on the other side. I would continue to watch the door shake with nothing moving it.

Over the next two years, the odd things would come like clockwork every three months. So much happened it's hard to put it all down in a way that it would make since. The girl started stalking our daughter around the house. If our daughter was in the shower, she said the girl would be on the toilet. I would see and hear the girl run up and down the hall at night. Oddly enough, we never had any real problems out of the "shadow people" we would see. It was as if they were just there but the girl was very active and demonic in nature. My breaking point with this house came when the "girl" started getting physical with our daughter. Scratches and bruises would show up on my daughter each morning and she would tell us that she would wake up at night with the girl standing over her. I think I tried everything I could find to try to clear that house of bad energy but nothing worked. I honestly had no clue what to do to make that house safe.

I never did find a way to get rid of all the negativity in that house. Blessings come in weird ways sometimes. In early 2009 I had lost my job as a restaurant manager because of the store closing due to the economy and for the same reason I could not find a new job. By early 2010 the house was in foreclosure. I'm not sure I was ever as upset as I should have been about losing that house. All I ever felt was relief to be out of it. The house has sat empty for the last two years. It finally sold over the summer. I often wonder when I drive by if the new owners have the kind of problems we had. I'm just glad it's not us anymore.

Jennifer, NC, USA
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