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Family Home

Tadeusz Nelson, Manchester, UK
December 2007

When I was about ten years old I used to stand in the kitchen making myself a sandwich; the layout of the kitchen was such that when I was looking at the work counter, the kitchen door was to my right.
More than a few times out of the corner of my right eye I could see a boy all dressed in a white sleeping gown (like boys used to wear many years ago) and he had black hair and was very pale. Every time I turned to look at him properly he was gone. This happened many times and I couldn't never look at him properly without him going away. This obviously says that it was in my head. But one night about the same time in my life, me and my older sister were the only ones in the house and she was looking after me. We were both in my parents room watching television and suddenly there was a bang downstairs. We thought it must have come from outside so we ignored it. Then slowly the bangs got louder and more frequent. This obviously scared me and my sister. They got so loud that there was no doubt in our minds that the noises were coming form inside the house. They were happening once every ten seconds or sometimes twice. I was only ten and I was crying my eyes out with fear and my sister didn't know what to do. We didn't want to go downstairs in case there was a burglar in the house. My sister called my parents and they came home straight away.

When they arrived we went downstairs and nothing had been touched. The noises sounded like things were being thrown around, but no smashing noises were heard. My house is about 80 years old and my mother says she has seen strange things too, and my sister says she has had the same vision of a small boy. My father then told us of a very scary experience that he once had but didn't want to tell my mother in case it scared her. The story was frightening but then he told us he made it up. But even at night I still hear creaking and noises like someone is walking around. This could be to do with temperature changes making the wood creak at night, but it sounds like more than just a small amount of creaking.

Sorry if this story isn't very interestingly written, i'm no literary scholar, just thought I'd share it.

Tadeusz Nelson, Manchester, UK
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