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Family of Spirits

Jennifer, Idaho, USA
February 2000

This happened about 3 years ago when I was 12. I've told my mom about it hundreds of times but she doesn't really believe me, thinking it to be the product of an over active imagination.

We had moved up the street to a new house which as far as I know has never had any paranormal activity, though the next house belonged to my best friend and her family frequently complained of a ghost.

When this happened, my dad was working on another island (we were living in Hawaii) and I only saw him on weekends. We all slept in my parents room with my mother because she said she didn't like to be alone. I usually suffered from insomnia so when everyone one was asleep most of the time weird things happened.

The first time, I was laying in bed trying to fall asleep when I heard a little girl, about 7, say something. I listened carefully and she said it again. I wasn't scared at the time, which I now find weird. After about an hour, I fell asleep. A few weeks later, I was sleeping in my room with my face to the wall when I heard someone walk in. Thinking it was my mom I turned sleepily over to discover no one was there. Feeling somewhat freaked out, I turned back around. Something sat on the bed next to me and tucked the covers in around me. The freaked out feeling went away and I quickly fell asleep.

The weirdest thing that happened occurred a few days later. It was around midnight or later when I heard someone walk into the bathroom which was right across the hall from my room. I thought it was my sister because the steps were light and I got up to talk to her. No one was in the bathroom, nor in the halls. I checked my parents room and my sister and other family members were sound asleep. I walked down the hall and into the dining room. When I stepped into kitchen my ears had this roaring sound in them and I could hear 3 people talking, a woman, a man, and the little girl I had heard before. As soon as I stepped back into the dining room it stopped.

That was about the last time I heard from that family but when my friend was spending the night (the girl who lived in the other haunted house) we felt this presence, like pure evil. I have never felt anything like it before. Lights started going on and off and cold spots could be felt in my room. This lasted about 2 hours and then it was just like the thing was gone.

A few months later I started seeing a glowing orb on my bedroom wall, my mom saw this too but it disappeared after a few weeks. Nothing else happened since and we moved.

Now, my brother, sister and I strongly feel that this house is haunted but that's another story...

Jennifer, Idaho, USA
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