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Family Traits

Cherie, Alabama, USA
November 2004

My family has always been somewhat "touched" by the spirit world. I will go through some of the events that have happened to us. I guess this all started with my grandmother when she was young.

Nanny was swimming with her sister and somehow got pulled under the water and for all intent and purpose, she drowned that day. She remembers seeing some of her deceased relatives and they had told her it wasn't her time, so they sent her back. Fast forward some 30 years to when my mother was born. I am not sure if it was 30 years but I like nice round numbers. Mom inherited Nanny's talents. We, my sister, brother and I, knew if Mom dreamed of three plane crashes in a row within a week then there would be one. She did not know where but knew it would happen within three days of her last dream. Mom had experiences with some of her things going missing and mysteriously turning up later. She always said it was her brothers, all four died before the age of one, playing tricks on her. My Nanny still has experiences now. Her most recent she admits to is the night of a very well known famous murder. She had a dream of standing next to a man all in black waiting outside a home, she saw a younger man walk up and ring the doorbell, the man standing next to her grabbed the young man from behind and killed him. The man in black dragged the young man to the bushes and tried to hide him there. A young woman came to the door and stepped out to see who had rung her doorbell when the man in black grabbed her from behind and killed her. She saw the man in black on TV and said that was the man she saw that killed the two people. She hasn't told anyone else about that.

My brother has never had any experiences, well any he has told us about. My sister has had some experiences. She didn't want to say anything thinking she was imagining things or that we would think she was crazy. She never said anything until I told her one of my experiences, but that will be later in the story.

She has told me about when we lived in my grandparent's old house in our home town. It was a beautiful house. It was originally just a two bedroom/one bath house. Papaw was an architect and in his spare time he renovated/built houses etc. When they moved to my Nanny's hometown they let my family move in to keep from having to sell the house, also for us to help with the up-keep. I loved that house.

By the time Papaw was finished building onto it, the house had five bedrooms, two baths, the old kitchen was turned into the laundry room, there was a formal dining and living room, a huge den with a fireplace, the mantle of the fireplace was raised like a stage and was huge, it ran the entire length of the wall. There was a library and the new kitchen was the size of the two original bedrooms. Papaw was so proud he could give his family a house like that.

The way it was built it was in the shape of a C. It had a 4 car garage (important for one of the experiences that happened to me.) The front yard was wide and open. The backyard was my Nanny's joy. She had split the back yard into two halves by a fence. To get to the side you wanted you either had to go through a gate. One half was an old English type garden; this was the gate on the right. The kind with the walkways and huge towering trees. That side had an older greenhouse in it. There was a stream that ran through it with a small bridge that went over it on the paths. That was my favorite half to look at. The other half had a more American feel to it and was the gate on the left. It had a sitting swing, a gold fish pond that was fed by the stream on the other side of the fence and the entrance into the tornado shelter on the side of the house. All along the back of the yard were coops, small buildings and the greenhouse. I never liked those buildings. There was something about them that made my skin crawl. I always felt like something was watching me when I was near them. Nanny would never let us go near them if she wasn't with us. Even when she was she wouldn't let us go inside. There was nothing inside them and they were still in excellent condition. She just kept saying they weren't safe for me and my sister.

When my family moved in my Papaw let my Dad use the 4 car garage to set up his jewelry business. Dad was talented. The jewelry he designed were works of art and I am not just saying that because he was my dad. Well he installed a huge overhead light under the carport so if his clients were at his shop at night they could see their way to their cars when they were ready to leave.

One night my parents told me to get something out of the car, I am not scared of the dark but for some reason that night I had a very weird feeling going out to the car. I turned on Dad's overhead light and hadn't even made it to the car yet when I heard a woman screaming for help. Not just a regular screaming, the blood curdling screaming of someone terrified. She just kept screaming help me over and over. I was frozen to the spot. I know I was there a good five minutes. She finally stopped for a moment and I ran back into the house. Mom and Dad were sitting on the sofa and turned to find out why I was making such a racket coming into the house and why it took me nearly ten minutes to just run outside to get something out of the car. Mom asked what was wrong with me, why I was so pale?. I told her what I heard and where I heard it from. Let me explain, there is a huge field between our old house and the next door neighbors house. I heard that woman screaming from that field. Mom and Dad went to the door and looked out but didn't see anything because I didn't turn the overhead light off.

Mom was once an undercover officer for the police department and was friends with half the force, so when she finally realized I was telling the truth, 5 minutes after I ran in, she called the police and they took her seriously since it was her. They sent out three patrol cars to find out what was going on.

They searched as best they could for a couple hours but couldn't find anything. I know I heard what I heard. That woman sounded like she was in danger and scared.

The next day a couple off duty officers, friends of Mom's, came by and said they would do a more thorough search since it was daylight now. They weren't in the field between the houses but a few minutes when one of them came back and whispered something to my mom and then called for on duty cops and the coroner. They had found a lady in the field that looked like she had been there for a few months. They never did find out who she was or how she died.

I've never been able to sleep very well, especially after that.

Another event that happened at that house was one night when I couldn't sleep I was up in my room just piddling around when I got thirsty and went to the kitchen. My room is at the other end of the house from the kitchen and you have to pass by the library and through the formal living room and dining room and then into the den to get to the kitchen. The front door hallway is between the formal dining room and living room.

I had just turned the corner going into the living room when I saw a man dressed in 50s style clothes walk from the front door, to the edge of the dining room turn to me and tilt his hat at me. I wasn't scared of him, more like comforted by him. I had never seen this man before but shortly after that we went to visit my grandparents and Mom was telling Nanny about the lady they found in the field. Nanny asked if that was the only thing that happened to me. I told her no that I had all kinds of things happen to me. I told her about the man and about the time I was walking past the library and saw these red eyes looking at me. I told her about lying in my room and feeling someone watching me through my windows even though the windows had shutters on them covering them half way to the top and the other half being covered by heavy curtains. I told her about the breathing I heard when I ignored her rules of not going into the buildings in the back of the yard. She asked if I remembered what the man looked like that I saw walking through the hallway. I said yes and she showed me this picture of the man.

I found out his name is "Daddy Bill" and he was Nanny's step-dad. He always protected his girls and she figured that extended to me and my sister. Nanny told me I must have inherited her gifts also.

A few years ago I was talking to my sister about all the things that happened when I was growing up and she told me about one of her experiences in that house.

The formal living room was right next to the library. She and my cousin, Chris, were playing in the formal living room and suddenly heard a woman screaming like she was angry or mean coming from the library. They both got up thinking they had done something to upset either Nanny or one of the Aunts. My sister swears this happened and I don't doubt her. She said that a woman dressed in what looked like a long black cape came running out of the library and chased her and Chris out of the living room. They ran to Nanny and never left her side. When Nanny went to check the library she noticed certain things wrong with the room. Some of her books were turned upside down and backwards on the shelves, the desk looked like it had been ransacked, the chair was across the room and the weirdest thing was the light switch was upside down now. Meaning instead of turning it on by pushing it up you had to push it down to turn it on. My Papaw did all the wiring in that part of the house and he knows what he is doing. It was normal that morning when I was in there reading. My sister never wanted to go back into the library again. When she told me about that I told her about the eyes I saw in there. Needless to say she didn't sleep well that night lol.

The experiences slowed down but started happening again after my dad passed away. His death was very sudden and very upsetting to us. My Dad loved the old 50s music and would constantly, no matter what car he got into, always change the radio station to the 50s channel. My sister doesn't like this music and never listened to it. She was upset one day about Dad and went to go to the store with her daughter. When she got in the car the radio station was set to the 50s music. My sister and niece didn't change the channel and they were the only ones in the car. My brother-in-law hadn't changed the channel because he was in his car at the time. On the radio was playing one of Dad's favorite songs. My sister came directly to our house. I was living with my mother at the time. When she told us about the radio Mom's first words were that Dad just wanted to let my sister know he was ok and to stop being upset.

I was upset one night before going to bed about Dad and that night he came to me and told me he was ok. Some people argue it was a dream, but it wasn't. I could hear his voice, smell his cologne and even feel his presence. He told me that night I needed to quit putting college off and get my butt into gear. I became busy with school and didn't really pay attention to things if they happened to me. That was until my boyfriend's step brother passed away a couple years ago.

Two days after he passed, I had just lay down to go to sleep. I wasn't asleep but not fully awake. I found myself in a restaurant and needed to go somewhere and walked around the restaurant when I spotted the stepbrother sitting right there. He told me he had visited his mom and others and they couldn't see or hear him, how come I could?. I told him I just have always been able to do that and he said ok tell everyone hello and vanished. His wife at the time of his death had remarried and was about to have a baby a month ago. I had this real dream that I was asked to find someone because there was a death and they might know about it. Come to find out it was the stepbrother I had to find. I never saw the face of the person that told me to find him. I just felt that I had to find him. I never found him that night. Three days later his mom called and told us that his widow could loose her baby because the baby wasn't developing right and the doctors were going to have to do an emergency c-section to get the baby. They did and it was a good thing they didn't wait, the umbilical cord was wrapped around the baby's neck three times and the baby wasn't getting the nutrients he needed from the womb.

I work in a doctor's office now and some strange things have been happening. I'll leave my office and come back in find my chair raised a few inches and I have to climb in to sit down. Paperwork I have just finished working on and put on the corner of my desk will disappear. My phones will ring when I have turned them off. And mail that has just come in and been placed in the bin will start to fly across the room.

My sister still has some experiences but won't talk about them much. My mother has had many experiences of her own but that would take forever to tell you about.

Thanks for listening, or rather reading.

Cherie, Alabama, USA
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