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Family Will Always Be There

Sara, Massachusetts, USA
April 2005

Hi my name is Sara. I'm 14. Let me just start off by saying that I have a mother and twin brother that have both passed away. I always feel like they're still with me, though.

For Christmas, last year I received a stereo that was so big we had to bring a new table into my room for it to sit on. I listen to it everyday blasting my music through the house along with me singing to it. One night, I was doing homework, listening to music and watching a movie. I had the song, "Toy Soldiers" by Eminem blasting when all of a sudden, while I was doing the homework, the sound slowly and gradually got softer. Shocked to hear the music not as loud I looked over to see the numbers on the screen going down. I had the music playing at volume 13 and it was just dropping.. slowly. At the time, though, I did not notice weather or not the knob to make the volume go up and down was turning, but I was so scared it wouldn't have mattered. I jumped up fast and walked slowly from my bed to the stereo and turned the music completely off.. standing with only the voice with my TV on. That's when my friend who I had earlier texed on my cellphone called. I told him what happened. It laughed at me for being so paranoid.

On another day, my friend and I were joking around with an Ouija board. I closed the door for privacy and made it so my back was against my closet door not wanting anything to be behind me except a wall or door. My friend sat in the middle of my floor and we began asking scary questions to start off. Our first was, "How many people are there in this room?" and it slowly moved to three even though there were two. Thinking each other may have secretly moved it we asked another. "What is your name." Nothing happened at first so we waited. Nothing, so we asked another question. "Where are you?" my friend asked. And then, all of a sudden my window, the only window in the room with a lock because it wouldn't stay open otherwise, slams shut. We both jumped up and ran to my brothers room to wake him up and tell him what happened.

And another experience which involved a seance was always one to remember. My two friends, Emma and Jessie decided to have a sleep over at Emma's. We had always wanted to have a seance because I guess we get thrill from being scared. We put our hands together, palm to palm and said some little seance thing to begin. In the middle of our circle we had a picture and a shirt that belonged to Jessie's grandfather, the person we were trying to contact. Nothing happened.. that night, at least. When we woke up the next morning we were fooling around taking lots of pictures. When I got those pictures back, a week later I noticed that all the pictures from the morning AFTER the seance seemed to have a weird blur in the form of a persons body standing next to Jessie in every picture she was in. But all the pictures from the night before were fine.

I do believe that nothing would happen to me, physically, with my mom and brother watching over me. So, I don't know what it is about me but I seem to have a lot of paranormal experiences.

Those aren't the only.. but certainly top the list.

Sara, Massachusetts, USA
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