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Farmer In My House

Sean, PA, USA
July 2011

When my house was first built in the early 1900s there was a potato farmer who lived there with his fifteen year old daughter and sixteen year old son. The man was a kind and great all around man from what I have read. One day he went out to the market selling potatoes with his son when a man stole potatoes from him. The farmer chased after him until he was out of his sight. While he was walking back to his stand the man returned with a gun and killed the farmer.

The son and daughter lived there and then moved out and the house was bought by a young couple who grew old and sold the house to my parents. The couple warned them when they bought it that in the summer you can see a man with a shovel and straw hat standing in the window. My parents didn't believe it until I was twelve.

I was swimming in the pool with my brother when I looked into my parents' bedroom window and saw a man with a shovel standing there. I was frozen stiff. I yelled to my brother to look and he saw him as well. He was taller with a dark short beard and green eyes. I ran out of the pool and in the house yelling, "Get out, get out, get out!"

When I got to the bedroom though, he was gone. By this time my brother was back and when he got in the room he tripped but there was nothing to trip on. That night we stayed up all night and then we saw him again but he was somewhere else. When we saw him he was standing in the kitchen and then he saw us and whispered something to himself and vanished.

To this day we still see him every now and then, but since then my brother and I continue to see ghost in every old house and place we go. Because of this we keep doing research on the places and we find out who the ghosts were in this life.

Sean, PA, USA
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