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Fate Or Coincidence?

Michelle, PA, USA
September 2003

I'm 24 yrs. old and have had many experiences with the unknown, paranormal, supernatural or whatever you want to call it. This particular experience is really more of a series of experiences but they all tie together. All of this is true and I apologize if this is long but you won't get the full story if I leave anything out. So here goes.

Earlier this year, about in March, I was staying with a friend of mine. Her apartment has a few spirits but the one that sticks out in my mind is the man that was in the swamp. The front of my friend's apartment faces a swamp and it has a very creepy feeling to it. Her husband has seen the man but I never did. I do know that he scared her husband so bad, she couldn't get more than a few words out of him. I felt him watching me however with a malevolent feeling to it. I couldn't walk out her door at night or evening for that matter without constantly looking over my shoulder. He'll come into the story a little more later.

Fast forward to May. I left my friend's apartment to stay with some other friend's because my boyfriend still worked out of state and we couldn't afford two rents. I move up north with my other friend's (we'll call them Y and K). Anyhow, I get to Y and K's and it turns out that Y had a dream that my boyfriend was going to die in a work related accident and the best way to get him to quit his job was to use me as the excuse. I found her dream odd but didn't think much about it at the time. Anyway, one night while I tried to sleep,(it's very hard to sleep in this house as there is alot of spirit activity), I heard knocking on my bedroom door. Let me describe my room. I sleep on the third floor which was an attic and is now a bedroom. When you go in the door you go up a flight of steps and you're in the room. I thought for a second that it was Y or K up in the middle of the night but I heard it again. Knock, Knock, Knock. Well, I ignored this to the best of my ability and tried to go to sleep. I then heard footsteps coming up the stairs and over to my bed. These too I ignored although I was getting creeped out. Then I felt something pressing down on my feet. I looked to see if it was one of my cats, but alas no it wasn't. I laid back down and I felt it again. I SAW nothing but knew what I felt so I went downstairs (more like ran) to sleep on the couch. Now my boyfriend is Wiccan and so I keep a pentacle which is a symbol of protection hanging up and it was moving. There was no breeze or fan to make it move and when it turns as it did that night that means there's a spirit present.

Go to the beginning of June. I learn now that my estranged husband has died in a drowning accident. I now learn from Y that the way my boyfriend was supposed to die was by drowning. He is a commercial diver and his tenders (the people who keep an eye on you topside) at that job never paid attention to the diver in the water. Well, one night Y was sitting at the computer and I was sitting on the couch about 10 feet away from her. I clearly saw a mist form in between her and me and stay there for about a minute. Then it disappeared. Well a couple of days later Y and I decide to do a Tarot reading. I've been reading Tarot cards for a couple of years now and know what I can and cannot do. That night we got ahold of at least 4 spirits. One was her mother-in-law, one was my grandfather, one was my late husband and one was the man in the swamp. It seems the night I had the crap scared out of me, the man in the swamp had come to me to warn me about what was going to happen to my husband. I thanked him for trying to contact me and asked him to move on. I hope that he's in peace now. The mist I saw, I found out was my late husband. He still hangs around and I'm still trying to find out why. Y thinks that he wants my forgiveness considering ours was not a happy marriage. I'm not sure what to think but this I know. If Y and K hadn't convinced my boyfriend to move up here HE would be dead and my husband still alive. Believe me or not it's up to you.

Michelle, PA, USA
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