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Fear In The Field

Jacob Weishaar, Wisconsin, USA
March 2002

I am a young boy, 13, and work on my family farm which is about 1/3 of a mile away. I have a trail through a field to get to work with my 4-wheeler.

One night I was driving home after a late night at work, about 9:30, and noticed something strange in the trail ahead. As I got closer I could make out its outline, it was about 8 feet tall and on two legs. As I got closer I saw it was brown and fury and smelled really bad. I made it out to be Bigfoot and gunned the throttle. As I turned back to look I saw it head towards our woods, which was on the right side of the path. But that was not the last of him.

Later that year during hunting season, me and my dad and some friends went on a drive to chase up some deer, there weren't to many deer around here, and my brother noticed something in our woods. He saw a little trail that went up a hill. As the trail went up, the trees thickened and noticed a horrible stench, then he too saw it, Bigfoot. He ran to the field but it did not follow. When we got out he didn't tell anyone but me. He thought they would think he was crazy.

Until now we haven't told anyone except for our families and friends of these encounters. We have looked up sites on the Internet about Bigfoot and watched shows about him. We hope to not see him by ourselves again.

Jacob Weishaar, Wisconsin, USA
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