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Feline Phantom?

Anonymous, Wales, UK
March 2011

About 6 months ago I was sitting in the living room of my little bungalow with my cat Hector on my lap. My son was tucked up in bed fast asleep. I had the door of my living room slightly ajar so if my son called I would hear him.

Hector and I were quite content quietly watching TV when something loud like an object falling over gave us both a start! I went to look but nothing at all was misplaced. I knew the noise came from the living room, but anyway I opened the living room door a bit more so I could check on my son. The kitchen light half lit the hall and when I pushed open the door I thought Hector had darted past me towards my bedroom, about two meters away. My first thought was, "Oh, Hector, you want to go out again?" as he often used my bedroom window to go out. But when I looked my door had the tiniest crack open, certainly not wide enough to let in a cat. Bemused, I stepped back and looked into the living room to see Hector fully absorbed with cleaning himself!

Frowning, I crept into my son's room, he was fast asleep breathing gently. On other occasions I have fleetingly seen out of the corner of my eyes something cat sized heading towards the window, but definitely not Hector. And a few times I have heard a noise of something falling over but not finding anything out of place at all, always in the same vicinity of the living room. My bungalow is newish, having been built in the 1980s on farmland, certainly not "old and spooky" and it has a lovely friendly atmosphere. There are no rats or mice in my home, Hector is a great hunter. Make of the story what you will!

Anonymous, Wales, UK
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