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Fighting Friends

Nessa, IL, USA
January 2007

I have always had strange things happen to me, ever since I was a baby to be exact.

My mom had a rocking chair she kept in my bedroom that would rock on its own. Whenever she would hear it, she would check on me and sure enough I would have a fever or be sick.

Once my dad saw a see-through woman dressed like a nun walk towards him up the hallway from my bedroom. My dad is a Catholic and let at a shriek and ran towards my room thinking I had died, but I was fast asleep when he got there.

There was also a chandelier in the dining room where we lived and my dad says when we would be eating it would start to spin, he said many times I would look up at it and tell it to stop, and indeed it would.

I don't remember these events, as I was 2 or younger at the time they took place, but I was told about them by various members of my family.

It seems my family on both sides have a long history of strange occurrences.

The story I want to write about today takes place when I was 15 years old. While it contains a quite violent act on my part, everything turned out ok in the end.

My best friend and I were alone in my house one evening, and for some reason we had been arguing all night. Our fighting had become out of control and neither of us was acting like ourselves. I had long hair at the time and it came past the middle of my back. I remember sitting on a kitchen chair, with my back turned towards her as we were still in the middle of an argument and I didn't want to look at her anymore. My friend, who I will call Sarah, came up behind me and pulled me off the chair by my hair. I twisted out of her grasp and at the same time, grabbed a knife off the kitchen counter. I was so angry at her for grabbing me by my hair that I had it in my head that I was going to kill her. I chased her around the kitchen table and right as I reached her I was violently yanked about 8 inches off the floor by my left wrist, which was also the hand I was holding the knife in. The moment this happened I dropped the knife, and fell to the floor. We were both in shock and really freaked out by what had come over us. Our behavior was not normal and it was as if we were mere instruments in some act or play. There was no one in the room with us when I was grabbed, and I had distinct finger prints around my wrist that lasted for about a week.

Most people I tell this story to say it must have been her guardian angel that stopped me. I like to think it was also mine, because it would have ruined my life as well had I carried out what was about to happen.

I still don't know why we fought so harshly that night and we never have an argument to that extent again.

Nessa, IL, USA
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