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Figure 8

Hannah, Canada
October 2010

About two years ago, while at a store, I saw an Ouija board beside a bunch of kid’s games much to my surprise. I looked at my mom right away and asked her to get it for me, at first she said no to me because she didn't want me playing around with spirits and bringing unwanted ghosts into our house. But after a while of pleading, my mom finally said yes.
A few weeks later, I was in the mood to try it out, I mean, what can go wrong? So one of my older brothers actually agreed to try it out with me. We were in the kitchen that night with my mom sitting right across from us, watching, but not joining us. The lights were dimmed and the candles were lit to try to make contact with any spirits. So my brother and I began, at first, everything was fine. It had worked and the spirit seemed to be answering all of our questions.
After we had decided it was time to call it quits and we said "We're going to go now and goodbye", the planchette moved to the word "NO".
Now my brother and I were getting a bit worried. We kept trying to say goodbye, but then the planchette moved in a figure 8 pattern over and over again. At first we weren't sure what that meant, but when I looked at what it meant, it said that when a figure 8 appears continuously, it means that there's an evil spirit or a demon that's been brought in.
During the time that the figure 8 kept appearing, I began to feel dizzy and sick to my stomach. My mom had even said I went pale and didn't look myself. I know now that when I use an Ouija board, I'll be careful. I don't ever want a scary experience like that happening to me ever again!

Hannah, Canada
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